Run For Your Life!!

So, I did it again. I signed up with Amy and Jeremy to do an obstacle run. Only, this time I’ll have people…er…zombies running after me. While the zombie infested obstacle course isn’t until March of next year I’m already sweating it! The idea of people running after me, even if it’s just to capture my flag, is making me break out into hives. I’m slow…very slow! I think even the bumbling zombies could get me!

So, you add some obstacles into the mix and you’ve just upped the ante to something more than I think I can pay! However, I am still going to give it my all! I just may end up with a “Dead” medal at the end instead of a “Survivor” medal. I’m ok with that. There are two ways you can die: 1) the zombies take all your flags and you don’t find a health packet to help or 2) you skip one of the obstacles. I had to skip the walls the last time┬áso if there are any walls this time, I may be screwed before I even start! I have to admit I’m not exactly sure why zombies are all the rage now and I don’t particularly like the zombie shows, but this race was intriguing. Can I survive? I just have to train myself not to hit the zombies as they’re trying to grab my flags!

Watch this video and tell me that this doesn’t look like fun!


2 thoughts on “Run For Your Life!!

  1. Alison

    Hi Tammy I was searching the web having a down moment from just going through a “bad” night episode from my tracheal stenosis. Diagnosed in 2005 with first sx then, second in ’08, third in ’11 and forth one about to be scheduled for early ’13. We are managing it with laser/dilation. YOU are an absolute inspiration to me! I see people running and think..I wish that were me…I can only seem to manage it after sx and the further out I go the less I am able to do. Your talk of how you don’t care what the people next to at the gym think has me actually crying. My biggest obstacle in this whole thing has been the embarrasement I feel when the heavy breathing, wheezing and coughing starts. YOU ARE AN AWESOME PERSON (as only someone with tracheal stenosis can fully understand). Thank you for this blog. I will continue to read and be inspired! Alison

    1. Tammy Post author

      Thank you so much for your reply, Alison! You had me tearing up! The embarrassment is one of the things I struggle with the most. I do my best to not let it stop me from activities I want to do, but I have to admit that sometimes it wins. When my stenosis is getting worse, I still keep exercising and pushing myself but I do have to dial it back because I’m just not able to breathe as I need to. I don’t stop though. An object in motion stays in motion! I just had my dilation in September so I’m doing pretty good right now. If you’d ever like to talk feel free to email me at Tammy at tammysalo dot com!


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