Hello Doctor!

Today was my six week follow up appointment from my last dilation. He seemed very happy to see that the shelf has not started forming again. Everything is looking nice and healthy! I asked him if he could tell a difference when he does the dilation as to whether it is getting better or not. He said he could but what happens a lot of times is people with tracheal stenosis know how good it feels after having the dilation (literally, a breath of fresh air!) and they tend to think their stenosis is getting worse (or back to the original state) sooner than it actually is. We become “greedy” as he said. Now, he didn’t mean that in a mean way, just stating a fact. I believe it. I know how great I feel after my dilation that as soon as the breathing gets worse I’m ready to get stretched out again. However, I always wait until my Peak Flow reads 150 or worse before actually doing the dilation. That way, I’m not getting them too soon and causing more damage in the long run.

He said he’s trying to get me to where it’s manageable and I can be one of his patients that’s currently 5-8 years from their last dilation. That would be AWESOME! If I could breathe this well from now on, I’d be happy. Of course, I always have the option of tracheotomy or a resection surgery but those aren’t even on my list right now. I’ll keep managing it with the dilations (sometimes with laser and balloon, sometimes just balloon).

When feeling my throat he asked if I’d ever had problems with my thyroid. I told him years ago (15+) I had hypothyroidism but it’s been fine for the past several years. Something in the way my thyroid felt made him a little uneasy, which in turn made me uneasy! Guess, we’ll see how it goes from here. Next appointment is in 6 months! By then, I’ll have run my Run Thru the Woods 5 Miler1/2 marathon, Color me Rad 5K, Hot Chocolate 5K, and Run for your Life 5K! That’s more races in 6 months than I’ve done in a year!

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