31 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

In November I decided that I wanted to bring back the holiday spirit to Christmas time and help others out in the process. My main goal was to bring a smile to someone else’s day in some small fashion. I put forward a challenge to my friends and family, but mainly I challenged myself to do one random act of kindness (RAOK) a day for the month of December. Some people participated and some cheered me on. I have to say, this gave me a whole different perspective on how I go about my days. After a month, I’m finding myself looking for opportunities to do something for someone. Before, I would just hurry about my day so I could go home and veg out. I rarely put thought into how a complete stranger’s day may be going. Now, I look forward to possibly brightening their day just a tad! I repeated some of the RAOKs because I’m not that creative!
This is the challenge I put forth:
My Friends and Family, I have been doing a lot of thought lately about the holidays and the fact that everything is so commercialized that we often lose sight of what’s important in the rush to get “that toy”. I have a challenge I’ll be starting on December 1. I would love for any, or all!, of you to join me. I am going to do at least 1 random act of kindness each day in December. #1) It’s in giving that you truly receive gifts and blessings. #2) By putting other’s first, even if for a moment, we stop long enough to understand that we’re all in this together and need a helping hand from time to time. If you participate, I’d love for you to post on my profile what your RAOK was so I can live vicariously! If you choose not to participate, that’s ok too. As I said, this is a challenge I’m putting forth for myself but would love to see others join me! Love to you all.
RAOK #1: Letting the person behind me go before me when checking out.
RAOK #2: Handed the waiter a card with some money in it to give to a person/family he felt deserved it.
RAOK #3: dropped a dollar on the floor of Office Depot with a note. I was told I shouldn’t spy on my
RAOK, but I had to see what happened! Several people passed it up but one of the workers at the store found it!
RAOK #4: Eating all of the peppermint bark in the office kitchen so the others didn’t eat mindless calories!
ok ok… My actual RAOK! Gave stamps to the Postal worker to give to the next person in line.
RAOK #5: Tipping 50% at lunch today.
RAOK #6: Taped a dollar to the coke machine at work.
RAOK #7: Gave Mr. Newspaper a gift certificate for dinner. He’s the guy always selling newspapers at 242 and 45.
RAOK #8: Left a dollar in the bathroom stall on a small shelf. In hind sight that probably wasn’t the best idea.
RAOK #9: Donated a $5 B&N gift card to Methodist Children’s Hospital.
RAOK #10: Took a stray shopping cart into the store.
RAOK #11: Let a couple of people ahead of me in the car. Anyone that knows my driving knows I usually speed up and let them go behind! 😀
RAOK #12: Gave a friend some foreign currency and a fifty cent piece for his son who insisted they had to have one in the couch cushions!
RAOK #13 and #14: I’m running out of ideas, so I’m repeating some. Moved the cart from the parking lot to the store and allowed people to go in front of me in line.
RAOK #15: I made a plate of food and took it up to a fellow employee.
RAOK #16: I said good morning and smiled (as best as i could!) at everybody I passed during my 11 mile run!
RAOK #17: Keeping a smile and positive attitude when the girl at Walgreens told me they lost my prescription. They finally found it 20 minutes later.
RAOK #18: Picked up trash littered on the ground.
RAOK #19: Instead of remoting onto two co-workers’ computers I walked to their buildings and provided face to face service. One woman I had to go to her office, the other two were to provide a more personal experience! 😀
RAOK #20: put a dollar on a random car. The owner of the first car showed up as I was about to put the dollar on there. That’s ok, this person looks like they need the smile more!
RAOK #21: Tipped the waiter, Cidney, 55%.
RAOK #22: After taking my Mother-in-law to a couple of doctors appointments today I offered to take her anywhere else she wanted go instead of hurrying home like I wanted to.
RAOK #23: Left a tip for the hotel housekeeper even though we were only staying one night.
RAOK #24: Left some money…page 301!
RAOK #25: Left a dollar in the cup holder at the movie theater (the Hobbit).
RAOK #26: Maybe not so random but I helped Mom with all the dishes, cleaning, and even gave her my seat!
RAOK #27: Paid for the car behind me at Starbucks.
RAOK #28: Donated money to the local heritage museum.
RAOK #29: Left money in the “take a penny” jar (more than a penny!).
RAOK #30 and #31: took a stray cart back to the store, picked up litter, and donated money to Big Brothers and Sisters.

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