Junk Drawers

I’ve slowly been trying to clear out the junk in my house. There is so much clutter (albeit better) that the house just doesn’t feel comfortable to me. After seeing how much stuff my Dad, Aunt, and Uncles had to clear out of Grandma’s house (and she didn’t have a lot by most standards) it made me think even more. Would I want someone to have to clear out all the junk in my house if I passed suddenly? No, I wouldn’t want them to have to concern themselves with all of it.

I’ve decided to get back to trying to minimalize my house. I don’t regret getting rid of some of my sentimental items but it was definitely bittersweet. It’s tough because it’s not just my stuff, but “our” stuff. Some things I may want to get rid of Mike may not want to. However, I’m going to do my best! I am going to go through my DVDs and get rid of any I haven’t watched in the last year or two (which is quite a bit!), donate more clothes, get rid of my excess dishes, clear out the nicknacks, get rid of the CDs I’ve uploaded to my computer, and just get rid of stuff I’ve held on to for so long but haven’t utilized for any reason. My wedding dress is still hanging in my closet, but I’m going to eventually cut it up and make a quilt out of it!

My biggest hurdle will be going through the stuff Dad gave me that was Grandma’s. She left me all of her crocheting items. I don’t really crochet, but I have tried. However, I know how important it was to her and I’m honored she wanted me to have it. I also have my Mom’s wedding china. She gave it to me and I’d like to keep one place setting to put on display instead of leaving it all in a big Tupperware box. I can give the rest to my Brother, but I’m not sure how Mom would feel about that!

Speaking of nostalgia, I’ll sign off with the best Star Wars picture…evah!


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