Where have you been?

Yep, I’ve been gone for quite a while. No excuse other than I’ve been lazy. I have been busy though and plan on updating my posts as I get time and photos and stuff.

I’ve gained back just about all the weight I’ve lost. I’m not happy about that, but apparently I’m not ticked off enough because I’ve had a tough time getting my eating back in order and working out regularly again. My breathing is bad right now, which makes me not want to workout. Working out when you can’t breathe is much more of a chore! I have a doctor’s appointment on April 3rd though and I’m hoping to get my next dilation scheduled so I can breathe again.

I also need to get my diet in order. Whole foods is the aim with 80/20% rule. 80% natural whole foods and 20% not. My friend, Amy is kicking butt on a new challenge so I can’t be left in the dust! More to come soon!

One thought on “Where have you been?

  1. Amy Parker

    Whell… I’m not sure I’d say I’m “kicking butt”… I’m on day 4. I am sticking to plan, though, and that’s something. :-p


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