Pop, Snap, Crack…

I took a long break from running this summer after the Zombie Run¬†mainly because the heat just did me in. I don’t do well with temps above 85 degrees, mainly because I get over heated running to begin with so running in a sauna doesn’t help! However, I have my marathon scheduled on 1/1/14 so I decided it was time to get back at the last week of August.

Since we were working at Cody’s house I decided to get my 6 miles in around his subdivision. I laced up and headed out about 7 in the morning. I jokingly told Mike if I didn’t make it back within 2 hours to come looking for me!

Well, things were going well except for the fact that I was extremely out of shape and huffing and puffing but was still chugging along. Then my foot hit something in the road (yeah, I need to work on picking my feet up higher) and I tumbled. I got up and did a quick inventory. Everything felt ok, just a little scrape on my arm, so I decided to keep going. Plus, there was an older gentleman watching me (the ONLY person on the roads I had encountered). I took off and went about 10 feet when I heard a loud pop and my left foot started hurting, badly. I started walking and the guy asked if I was ok. I smiled and told him I was fine and tried to keep going. After he went inside, I found a spot to sit down. Boy, did my foot hurt. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my cellphone with me (never again) so I had to hobble 1 1/2 miles back to Cody’s house.

I told Mike that I thought I had broken my foot. We got my shoe and sock off and while it looked a little swollen it wasn’t that bad. He thought I probably just sprained it. Since that Monday was a holiday, I decided to give it some time and see if it would heal up.

It still hurt from time to time but it seemed to be getting better. I did another 5 mile walk (decided not to run after the first mile) and it hurt pretty bad at the end. Since it seemed to have been getting better I took a couple of weeks off. When it felt better, I tried a 10 mile walk. I was hobbling toward the end but made it back to my car unscathed. I got home and iced my foot. When I got up to get more ice my foot felt like it was clicking…yes, clicking. That’s when I decided I probably needed to go to the doctor.

The verdict?

photo 2

Yep, broken. The doctor was floored that I had been running/walking on a broken foot for 5 weeks. He said the reason it felt like it was getting better was probably because it was trying to fill the break in with new bone cells then I was re-breaking it every time I did my walks. I was put in a boot for 6 weeks and now it looks like this!

photo 1

It’s filling in and looking pretty good. The doctor said that I need to go another two weeks before I start training again. That only gives me about 2 months to prepare for the marathon!

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