Disney Princess Half Marathon Feb 2016


This year’s run was so much better than last year’s, in the fact that I FINISHED!! My breathing was still horrendous but I was able to push through and finish up. I talked my sister-in-law into running the race with me this year. She came last year and did Disney with me but didn’t get there until after the race. At least she was there to help me patch up my ego!

This was Jackie’s first half marathon so I know she was nervous. However, she finished with a good time and seemed to enjoy herself. We were in the same corral, thankfully. We stayed together until it was time for our group to start. Once the fireworks went off, she went at her pace and I went at mine. I finished in 3:52:00, which is not good but that doesn’t matter. When you’re breathing through a windpipe the size of a drinking straw, you’re doing good to even finish (e.g. last year)!




The day before the race I got to visit with my Rosie Girl again! Man, has she grown up!! It is always so good to see Brittany, Jereme, Rosie, Amber, Hunter, and Declan. Next year, there will be a new edition to Amber’s family so I hope I get to see her too! Another princess to run for!




I’m done with races for now until I get this breathing sorted out. I’m going to talk to my doctor about possibly doing the resection so I’ll be rid of this thorn once and for all. I will miss going to Disney next year, but it’s probably for the best.




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