Fur Babies!

I just wanted to take some time to say I love my fur babies!

Ellie was our first addition. She was born on January 27th, 2002 during Bush’s State of the Union Address. Since the litter was born on that night all of the boys were named after previous presidents and all of the girls after former first ladies. Ellie was named after Eleanor Roosevelt. The name fits her. She’s a very strong willed dog! She’s a German Shepherd/Keeshond mix. She looks like a normal German Shepherd, except for her tail. Her tail is somewhat bushy and curls up on top of her tush. She’s somewhat of a snob, but very loving. Her muzzle is getting gray now that she’s 8 years old, however she hasn’t slowed down one bit!

Ruby wasn’t a planned puppy. I was sitting at the house working on a midterm paper when I heard footsteps come up our front stairs. I thought my husband had forgotten something, because he had just left to go to the store. Well, I got up to open the door and didn’t see him there. I did see, however, a small white puppy trying to cuddle up to our boxing dummy that was on the front porch. I sat back down and called Mike to let him know that there was a puppy hanging around on the porch. We didn’t want another dog, so I thought if I didn’t interact with her she’d find her way back home. Well, Mike got home…looked at her and said “I guess she can come in.” So, I let her in and she hasn’t left since! We put out signs, but no one claimed her. The vet estimated she was around 6 months when she showed up. That would put her around 3 now. She’s part Lab and part Pit Bull. She has to be the most loving dog I’ve ever seen. Every morning she gives me kisses before she gets out of bed and always has to be touching you in some way. Mike jokes that she would crawl inside you if she could…I would have to agree!

I love my two fur babies and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

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  1. animalplacementandassistance

    They are beautiful!!! I love my babies also and every one of them are rescues. My goal is to help rescues all over the country get some fur babies placed into loving homes and to build a community of pet lovers. Though I have had a slow start, I am trying to get things going lol! welcome to our site and chat anytime!


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