Asheville Downtown Market

One of the things that I enjoy about Asheville, NC is the artist community. There are a ton of galleries and sites to see local artists’ works. My parents took me to the Downtown Market (which I think they just opened) during the week.



It’s a great place full of local artisans and their works. There are a few resale places and there was even a grocery section.




When you first walk in they have a “Barter tree!” I’ve never actually seen one of these, but I have heard of them. This one had all sorts of interesting things, including a pair of red high heels, an old 45 record, and finger nail clippers!



I wasn’t able to get many pictures of the different booths as many of the artists were a little protective of their work, which I understand. Many of them were working on their goods while we looked around. There was a gentleman that was making baskets, another guy making glass beaded neckalces and a lady hammering metal for her booth. I was able to get her picture, but she looked up just as I took it!



There weren’t that many vendors there, but that’s probably because it was a weekday. I would imagine on the weekends they have more. Everyone I talked to there were cheery and friendly. This will be on my list to visit again!

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