Thursday Make Up and Lazy Saturdays

I forgot to post my Thursday workout. This was my first fit class since I got back from vacation. It was good to be back with the group, although the group seemed quite small. My cousin wasn’t there and neither was her friend Clara. I wonder if Clara quit. Coach Liz walked with me so I wouldn’t be going alone since no one else in my group was there. My group? Yeah, I’m not in the A group. This means that I’m a walker doing a smidgen of running. Translation = I’m slow! It doesn’t matter, I got in over 2 1/2 miles and got some good running in. My legs were slow the next day, that’s usually a good sign.

My husband started getting sick Thursday night and ended up staying on Friday. Then all night Friday he tossed and turned…and tossed and turned….and tossed…and I didn’t get much sleep at all. My alarm went of at 6 because I was supposed to be at fit club at 7. Well, I turned off the alarm, turned over and quickly fell back asleep. I had to run some errands today, including picking up a patch for our waterbed mattress. I’m hoping that patch works. After my errands, I went back to the park where we did our workout on Thursday. I thought Coach Liz said the entire loop was 3.25 miles. However, I took the route we were supposed to do on Thursday and it only came out to 2.14 miles. On Thursday we went down, then turned around. We didn’t do the loop. I got back to the car and saw how little I’d gone, but I didn’t go back to do my last mile. I was in a hurry to get to the grocery store and get home.

Now, it’s time to fill out my census form and send it in.

Only 6 days until Muddy Trails!

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