Luella’s Quilt Basket

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky enough to be sent to Los Angeles, CA for a few days to train some of our employees. While I was there I was able to fit in one quilt store. I would have liked to have seen more, but time wasn’t my friend!

One of my online quilting bee buddies told me to check out Luella’s Quilt Basket, so that’s what I did! Being from a big city I wasn’t too intimidated by the driving, but I was a little surprised at how small the parking lots were for some of the buildings! It was a good thing I didn’t hit Louella’s at their prime time or I wouldn’t have found a spot. The first thing that struck me about this store was the lovely painted quilt blocks on the outside.

The inside is big and open! The first thing you see when you walk in are different sewing/embroidery machines.

Bonnie showed me around the store then left me to my own demise devices. They had a nice selection of fabric.

and many lovely fat quarters!

Look at this adorable chair they recovered with a repurposed quilt!

They had a classroom full of ladies quilting away. They also had a nice book room where you could sit down and flip through some books available.

So, what did I pick up?! LOTS O’ GOODIES!

And last but not least…MAXINE!!! I love this lady!

When work sends me back go L.A.,  you better believe I’ll be hitting up Louella’s again and hopefully catching a few more. Thanks to Bonnie and Jackie for their help!

4 thoughts on “Luella’s Quilt Basket

  1. Jan

    What a great quilt store Tammy!!!!!!!! IMHO, a Quilt Store beats the Mall any day of the week 🙂 I love your treasures and OMG on that adorable little chair! Can you believe I have one!!!! I’ll have to Blog about it one day soon 🙂 Tks so much for your kind words you left for me over at my site. Your prayers are appreciated 🙂

  2. amandajean

    Looks like a fabulous quilt store!

    Guess what?! You were selected to be my scrap challenge winner. If you are still interested in sending me a small bag of scraps, I’ll make you a mini quilt. Send me an email and we can sort out the details. Ok?


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