Finishing Touches

My husband and I have been painting our master bathroom and trying to make it look like a finished room. Of course, we moved in 6 years ago, but that’s beside the point. The walls were originally light blue and navy blue, but I decided to repaint it gray. That way, when I get the itch to change the color all I have to do is buy new towels, wash clothes, and a shower curtain rather than paint again! This time I’ve decided to go with yellow, white and gray. I haven’t been able to find curtains or a shower curtain in the color scheme I’m looking for. Thankfully I did find some material on my trip to LA. So, drum roll please……

Here’s my valence I made with that material!

I have never done the gathering technique but everyone makes it look so easy. Well, it wasn’t all that easy! I kept breaking thread. However, I am happy with the final product!

Now, maybe I need to try some of these other tutorials I’ve found for making your own shower curtain!

Have any of you tried making a shower curtain? How was it?

4 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. Solidia

    What a pretty valance! Did you make up your own tutorial or did you find one online? I would LOVE to know if you are willing to share. Thanks! :o)


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