Rise & Shine 5K 2010

What a beautiful day we had today for our race! When we got up it was still raining a bit, but once the race started it was a bright blue sky. The sun got a little warm here and there!



The race took place at the George R Brown Convention Center (GRB) and the money benefits the Rise School in downtown. Inside the GRB they had a bunch of things for kids to enjoy. For example, they had the moonwalk (blow up bouncing thing), a walk climbing wall, and a blow up basketball game.



They also had a Wizard of Oz game area (love the witch legs!) and some Rescued Greyhounds to promote Greyhound adoption!



There is a great little park across from the GRB:


I was told they freeze this pond during Winter for an outdoor ice skating rink

You would never guess there's a parking garage under there would you?!

You would never guess there's a parking garage under there would you?!


There were quite a few people ready to get the race started! It began (and ended) at the Minute Maid Park. While waiting for the race to start I was greeted by fellow blogger Danie! That was a nice surprise.



I was feeling pretty good. One of my problems I need to work on is getting so nervous before a race. I looked at my HR monitor and my heart rate was already at 150 before the race started! Wonder if I can lose weight by putting myself in nervous situations! They finished the count down and we were off! A friend of mine told me we had 1 hill we’d have to go up, but this year it appears there was more than 1 hill! I do believe there were about 3 that we had to cross going and coming!



I ran some, mostly downhill because gravity is my friend! I also finished the race running/jogging/crawling across the finish line. Many of my Woodlands Fit crew were there to cheer me on. This was our last race and last time to workout together. I’ve met some great people! My cousin Kelly (left) talked me into joining. I became good friends with her co-worker Clara (middle) as well. They are both joining the Summer/Fall fit, but I’m going to have to think about that!



After the race I got to meet Junction Jack! You’ll notice I’m wearing my racing fanny pack (as Mike calls it). It was one of the best things I’ve bought!



Toro (The Texans’ Mascot) was at the start of the race, but I didn’t see him afterward. I didn’t think I had gotten a personal record on this race, but I did (50 minutes and 20 seconds)! Of course it was only by a few seconds, but no matter!



Mike also got a PR on this race with 21 minutes and 59 seconds! I’m so proud of him!



My foot was bothering me on the last mile of the race. I had gotten a blister on Tuesday but thought it had gone away. Unfortunately, I just exacerbated it during the 5K. I may have to take Monday off from working out if it’s down again by then.


Sorry for the nasty looking foot...I just finished a race!


After the race I went to a Crawfish party for my Grandma’s birthday. Then on the way home I stopped at Best Buy to pick up my reward for today’s race!


Yes, I'm a dork...I love me some Madonna!


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