Weigh In Wednesday

Today’s weigh in was not good. I’m up a pound. So, my number for this week is 215. *sigh* It’s all my doing, so I can’t place the blame anywhere else. I started writing a life list where I’m making a list of things I want to do in the course of my life. I’ve never seen the bucket list, but some refer to it as that. One of my list items is to be an active person. I’m on my way to getting there! I’m working out more than I have in a long time and I’m working on finding new hobbies that include some sort of exercise! I may post some of my other items on the list later this week.

I went to the gym today with the intentions of walking 3 miles with some running in there. Well, I ran a few times but I had to stop after 20 minutes. The blister on my foot was really bothering me so I found myself walking/running on the edge of my foot to avoid hitting the blister. So, I decided to call it a day. There is no sense in risking injury or irritating my foot further. I still have a 5K to run a week from Saturday.

I started reading “Running for Mortals” by John Bingham. So far I’m really enjoying it. He (and his wife) has written the book in a very conversational tone and makes sure all the concepts are written in layman’s terms. As silly as it sounds, I had always walked slowly after my minutes running (1 run, 2 walk, etc) in order to catch my breath. Well, according to John, you’re supposed to keep walking as a brisk pace (slightly slower than your run). It’s not time to recover, it’s just a time to slow down a bit until your body is able to handle running for extended periods. So, I was actually doing myself a great disservice by slowing down so much. No wonder I hardly got anywhere!

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