WIP Fail

I sat down last night to work a bit on my current WIP, Troika (subject to change). Things had been going pretty well all afternoon at the day job. Ideas were flowing, notes were written, and I was excited to get home and put it down on paper. Houston, we have a problem. As soon as my monitor lit up, it fried my brain. YES…shot particles of light through my optic cord into my frontal lobe.

Unfortunately, this led to me not being able to form a cohesive sentence, let alone a riveting scene. Slowly I pushed the small silver button, shoved my computer to the side, and vegged out by counting the bug splat designs on the ceiling. Nope…not a productive evening at all. That’s alright though! It’s all part of the process. Some days you’re firing on all cylinders, some days…well, you get the point.

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