See you soon

My Aunt Gertrude was the first person to introduce me to quilting years ago. She had me help her hand quilt one of the quilts she had hanging on her frame from the ceiling of her living room. I enjoyed it, but didn’t do much with what she taught me until several years later. She just recently won third place for one of her quilts at the a local quilt show. This was a quilt she was working on when our family rented a houseboat for a weekend. I was glad to hear she won something for it. She actually stepped out of her element a little bit and chose a piece of fabric she normally wouldn’t have used. So, I was glad to see it paid off! Unfortunately, she was laid to rest today. The funeral was beautiful and I want to thank my Aunt Sharon, Cousin Jennie, Aunt Sherri, Uncle Brad, and Uncle Tim for all they’ve done to help Uncle Bob through this time. I will miss her greatly, but everytime I sit down to work on one of my projects, I’ll think of her!

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