Texas Marathon, Kingwood 2014

This past year has been a tough year of running for me. I started really training for the marathon in August but then broke my foot. I kept running on it for a few weeks, refusing to believe I had broken it. Alas, wishes don’t always become a reality. So, for 8 weeks I was […]

Dry Lakes and Dry Feet

It has been many years since Texas has experienced a drought like the one we’ve dealt with this year. Supposedly, these types of conditionsĀ could go on for another 1-3 years. Let’s hope the “professionals” are wrong in this instance. Lake Conroe is the lowest I’ve ever seen it. The north side of the 1097 bridge […]

10 for Texas, 2011

It is here….race day! Drug my butt out of bed at 5:45AM to make it to the race location by 6:30. The race was stationed at Town Market Center in The Woodlands.     There were tents all over and around the park for food and various running/walking paraphenalia.   There was a band playing […]

I hate making up titles…

Thursday was a good workout. I was extremely happy with my results and finally felt like I’d accomplished something! Strength: Weighted Push Ups 3(25#) x 3(35#) x 3(50#) WOD: 4 Rounds of as many reps as possible 1 Min Burpees 1 Min GHD Sit Ups 1 Min SDHP (45#, RX) 1 Min Ring Dips (Green […]