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Last Day!!…for this week


Bar Snatch


Clean (65#)
Pull Ups (Black band)

Finished in 16:40.

The cleans were a bit tough in the high numbers, but not too bad. Today’s workout was much better than the past 2. I felt much better about my performance! After the WOD we did Abmat Tabata Sit Ups. My abs are going to be soooore tomorrow! Tiffany, one of the girls at the gym, made the comment today that I was a beast (can’t remember her exact wording) to which I told her she had the wrong person in mind because I definitely don’t fit that mold. “You’re here every Thursday I am so I know I’m talking about the right person.” Then Michelle made the comment that I don’t give myself enough credit. While I still don’t agree with Tiffany, the comment made me feel better. However, I think Michelle has a point. I’m very quick to point out my failures and in doing that, fail to see my accomplishments.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to workout today, but since my arms and back weren’t getting more sore throughout the day and Michelle and Jennifer were going, I decided to go. I’m glad I did. Today’s workout somewhat redeemed my previous ones! Now, I can rest and recuperate for Monday’s workout.

Happy Weekend!!

Karen and More

Oh what a night… This evening we basically had 2 WODs. When I first looked at the board and saw we were doing Karen I was nervous, then I saw that was just workout A and I wanted to run out of the gym and head home.

I went to grab a 10# med ball, but there weren’t any. The 12# ball was taken by Tiffany and all that was left were 8#, 16#, and 20# med balls. So, I used the 8# ball. There was no way I could use the 16# ball for the entire workout.

WOD (A):

150 Wallballs (8#)
Finished in 10:50

WOD (B):

Knees to Elbows
GHD Sit Ups
Abmat Sit Ups
Finished in 7:14

All of us girls were very close to finishing around the same time. Cortni finished workout A in 10:14, Tiffany finished in 10:22, and I finished in 10:50. I was happy with that time. After it was over, I went and sat on the ground for a bit to rest before the next workout and my legs were on fire!! I’m glad we didn’t have any other leg exercises because I don’t think my legs would have cooperated. The GHD sit ups were felt in my quads, but not too bad.

On workout B, I finished in 7:14, Cortni finished about 7:20, and Tiffany finished around 7:45. We were all tired and sore at the end! However, it was a great workout. I pushed myself harder than I had been in the past. When I rested, I tried to only take a couple of seconds then start again. I stretched my quads at one point and that seemed to help.

Now, if I can just get my diet under control and get this fat off my body I’d have some sexy muscles to show off!

Playing Catch-up

Good Morning!!

I had a nice week-long break from the blog and enjoyed not feeling like I had to get things down right away, but at the same time I missed it. Let’s play a little game of catch-up real quick on the workouts.

Monday, May 2, 2011:

Tabatas of Squats (10), Push Ups (competition style, 5), Sit Ups (GHD, 9) and Ring Rows (7). Tabatas are 8 rounds of 20 seconds doing as many reps as possible followed by a 10 second rest. The number above is the lowest number of reps I managed for each move.

First day in our new gym! We now have what they call an On Ramp for new members to learn the skills and form. This is in the garage area that was our original gym. Right in front of that was an old dance studio they turned into our new gym. Yay for air conditioning! While it’s not cold in there – they keep it around 78- the humidity is greatly reduced.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011:

AMRAP 15 Mins:
15 Reps of Overhead Squats, Hang Cleans and Push Press. Used the 35# bar. Anytime the bar hits the ground you must do 5 Burpee Pull Ups. Michelle, Cortni and I were all able to complete the 15 minutes without setting the bar down. I’d either rest it on my back or in my hips. Completed 4 Rounds.

Thursday, May 5, 2011:

600 Meter Run (mod from 1200)
40 Abmat Sit Ups
400 Meter Run (mod from 800)
30 GHD Sit Ups
300 Meter Run (mod from 600)
20 Roll Outs
200 Meter Run (mod from 400)
10 Knees to Elbows
Finished in 20:00

Since my breathing has steadily gotten worse, I’ve had a harder time doing my workouts; especially the cardio. Today’s workout entailed A LOT of running. I told Shane that I didn’t think I could do that much, so he modified it to where I only ran 1/2 the distance everyone else did. Afterward, I think I could have run more but not sure if I could have done the entire distance. I hate modifying the workouts though.

Friday, May 6, 2011:

4 Rounds:
400 Meter Run
30 Squats to Med Ball
Finished in 20:10

Normally I only workout three days a week, but yesterday’s workout really had me second guessing myself. Could I have done the entire distance and I just talked myself out of it? So, back to the gym I went today to tackle the workout; However, when I told Shane what I wanted to do he explained that he didn’t want me doing the same workout as the day before since we’d already worked those muscles. So, he put together a different workout that had more running (albeit only by 100 meters) to see how I did. It went pretty good. My legs were tight and burning when I finished.

Monday, May 9, 2011:

Skill: Double Unders
Yeah, I wasn’t able to do 1 double under. I guess I’m trying to jump too much and not concentrating on getting the rope around. Not sure, but it wasn’t pretty!

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Deadlifts (115#)
Bar Facing Burpees
Finished in 17:11

I really didn’t want to workout today. If I’d had my choice I would have gone home and eaten a pint of Cherry Garcia while watching TV in repose! Fortunately, I had my inner voice telling me what a putz I was being and made myself go to the gym. Today’s workout kicked my butt, which was what Shane wanted. He gave us all a pep talk before our workout explaining that the workouts are short so they need to be intense. If you’re walking around afterward saying, “Boy that was tough! So, what are y’all doing tonight?” then you didn’t work hard enough. He wants to see us on our backs gasping for air. Well, he got his wish! I started with 95# on the deadlift, but that first round was too easy so I went up some. I probably could have gone up more but the burpees really zap me. The first few rounds of high deadlifts and low burpee counts weren’t too bad but doing burpees 6-10 kicked my butt. In the bar facing burpees you’re supposed to do a burpee in front of your bar, then jump over the bar and do the next burpee. I also whacked my head on the bar a couple of times because I was too close. Shane asked me how I was doing when I was on round 7. I know I was probably dragging ass, but I was tired. After I finished I had to catch my breath and try to cool down; I was getting a bit overheated. You know it’s a good workout when you’re covered in sweat and your muscles are tight the next day!

It’ll be interesting to see what today (Tuesday) brings. My breathing is doing pretty good today so I’m hoping for a good workout.

Slow and Steady?

Started the evening off practicing Pistols. Yeah…I’m not very good at this! That’s me in the back with the blue shirt and black pants. My knees start to bother me when I put too much weight on one. Lunges hurt for the same reason. Plus, I’m a bit of a clutz!

Photo by Shane

The WOD…oh the WOD. Have I mentioned how much I hate burpees? Yes, yes I have.
Push Press (65#, dropped to 45#)
Abmat Sit Ups
So, the WOD started off with my beloved burpees. I did ok up until about #10-12, then I started stepping back instead of jumping. The last round found me getting on my knees to get back up on the last few. It just takes everything out of me when we do a ton of burpees. I lost count on round two so I did extra just to make sure I hit 15.
I started the push press at 65#. The prescribed weight was 75#. It was quite heavy for me but I wanted to be able to do the 65# for the entire workout. The first round ate up a lot of time because I’d have to do 3-4 and put the bar down, regroup, and start again. By the time I got into #4 on my second round I was already being lapped by the others. So, I took the weight off and finished with just the bar. I’m pretty sure I could have finished with the 65# but I would have been wayyyy slower than everyone else. As it was, they were all finishing their WOD as I was finishing my second round. I finished in 16:16. ehhh. Not great…but oh well. Eventually, I’ll build up my upper body strength and be able to push through some of these workouts.

Photo by Shane. I need to get my butt lower.


Photo by Shane. I look a little crooked!

The Abmat sit ups provided a nice little break. I don’t find them that difficult unless we’re having to knock out 40-50 in a row. Who would have thought that I’d want to do sit ups to catch a breather while working out?! hahaha…

Shoulder Shred

Muscle up time again! We practiced our muscle ups for our skill training. I think I’ve got the general concept and form down, but not the strength. Hell, I can’t even do a normal pull up without the black band. We had a couple of new people there tonight. I know one guy is Jason but I didn’t catch the other guy’s name. Both of them were eager to learn and start.

The WOD was 5 rounds of 12 Kettlebell Swings (25#), 13 Push Presses (45#), 14 Sit Ups (Abmat) and a 100 meter run. Originally, it was supposed to be 6 rounds, but I think with all of us struggling a bit Shane didn’t think we’d finish in time so he changed it to 5 rounds when most of us were finishing round #3. I started with 65#s for the push presses, but my arms were so tired and sore (from the pull up challenge last thursday and last tuesday’s work out) that I had a really hard time getting the bar over my head. I was able to do 3, then I took the weights off so I could finish in a timely manner. The weights didn’t want to cooperate so I lost at least a minute (if not two) struggling with the damn things. However, 45#s is better than last time at 35#s! My throat was giving me some issues as well. I was making this very odd wheezing noise, which I’m guessing is from me sucking air and trying to get more oxygen.

I was finishing round 4 when most of the others were finishing round 5. As I came back in from my run Courtni was putting my stuff away. She had too much confidence in my ability to be done quickly! I asked her not to put the bar away…but she already had so I took Jason’s since he was finishing his sit ups and didn’t need it anymore. I was counting my push presses when Shane came up and asked how many I had left. As soon as he asked, the number I was on flew from my head. “Huh? Shit…I don’t know…um…6, I think….yeah, 6”. “6 it is!” He then stayed in front of me and pushed me to get them done. My arms and back were burning at this point.

I finished my last set of sit ups pretty quickly and did my 100 meter job (supposed to be sprint) but when I came back Shane had already turned off the timer. I know it said 20:30 when I did my last sit up, so I’m thinking I finished in about 22 minutes.