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Charleston, South Carolina

One of my more recent trips was to a lovely little town called Charleston. Okay, maybe it’s not so little but it is definitely lovely. If anyone asked me what I remember most about that trip, it would be the houses and iron work. Many of the houses are well over 100+ years old. The city has done a fantastic job preserving them so you almost feel like you’ve stepped back into the 19th century as you’re walking through the streets. Some of the houses are thin but tall. The house below must have been built as an after thought because it’s address was a 1/2. The house on the right was #59, the one of the left was 61 and this one was 59 1/2 (relatively speaking)!

In the older districts the walk ways were slate, which you can somewhat see in the picture above. For truly breath-taking homes, take a walk around Battery Park. All of the homes facing the ocean are historic and most of them are close to 180+ years old.

I loved the multi-colored roof tiles on this particular house. It’s not something you see too often in this day and age.

Gorgeous! I would love to have walked through the houses to see if the interior matched the exterior. Further into the neighborhood, the houses were all different sizes but the common theme was beautiful landscaping and iron work.

I loved these stairs!

Most of the iron gates seen throughout Charleston are works of art by Philip Simmons. The gates grace many homes, churches and local buildings. If you ever find yourself going through Charleston, I recommend you take some time to walk through the historic downtown area to admire the iron work if nothing else.

 If you’ve been to Charleston, what was part was the most memorable?

For the Love of Thread

Happy Friday Everybody!! I hope everyone has a great weekend planned. I will be going to see my Uncle perform in a Christmas Concert at his church. I love this time of the year!

I was reading through my blogs (Craft specifically) and saw something that made me go “oooohhhhhh…..I want that”. Granted, it’s too big to fit comfortably in my house, but it’s still beautiful. What is it? Why…it’s THREAD!

Gabriel Dawe is just amazing! He has a few thread sculptures that are fantastic. I love the richness of the colors. I’m sure his growing up in Mexico City, where the culture is full of color, helped!

A New Toy!

I’ve wasted the past hour not surfing the net, but creating multiple picture quilt patterns. Yes, that’s right…multiple! Ok, no I’m not that good I just happened to find THIS thanks to Karyn at Make Something! The Patchwork: Pattern Maker has been so much fun.

While it says these patterns for making quilts (which is what I would do with them) they could possibly be used for cross stitch or some other needlepoint project.

I decided to try it out first with Mr. Mosquito:

I then selected the 20 color option and advanced pattern complexity:

I like it! Of course, I played with several other pictures as well. I’ve noticed I had the best results with a light background. When my background was close in color to the subject it all just blended together. I hope y’all enjoy!!

Quilting on Canvas

I came across this video while searching various topics online and had to watch it…several times!

Meghan Hildebrand does a fantastic job painting the different quilt blocks. I don’t believe the video has sound, so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything! I love seeing the progression from beginning to end.

The description on YouTube answers the question “Why paint a quilt?”

“This was a great opportunity to create a piece monumental in its scale and storytelling possibilities. It also looks at local cultures, women’s roles in history and art, and provides the opportunity for multiple narratives.”

Isn’t that what’s so great about quilting, and art in general; the ability to tell a story with color, texture, value, movement, and a little piece of ourselves? I hope you enjoy!