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New Rules of Lifting Recap

I just finished the first quarter of my New Rules of Lifting for Women program. One of the first things I’m noticing is my grip is wanting to give out before my legs do on the deadlifts. That means, I’ll need to work on getting my grip back into shape as well!

Do I like it? Yes, I really do. I’m still in a bit of a CrossFit mentality where I push through the reps as quickly as possible. I should probably slow down a bit and move a little slower. I think I’ve finally figured out what weight I need for most of the exercises to be difficult but not unreasonable.

Will you continue it? Absolutely! I will go through the entire Stage 1 (16 workouts) and then determine at that point whether I want to go on to Stage 2 or return to CrossFit.

What are you numbers as of today? Why…kind of you to ask!

  Start Today
Back Squat 45 75
Deadlift 95 115
Push Up 45% 45%
Seated Row 45 70
Step Up 55 65
Shoulder Press 15 17.5
Wide Grip Pull Down 40 70
Lunge 15 17.5

What areas do you feel least confident about? Easily the Dumbbell Shoulder Press and Push Ups. I’m so used to doing the Presses as Push Presses where you use your legs to get the weight up that I’m finding even 17.5# weights tough to complete the last set. Plus, the bar is much easier than dumbbells! With the dumbbells you find out very fast which side is your weaker and how strong (or weak) your stabilizing muscles are. For Push Ups, I always did them from my knees. Since they don’t want you to do that in NROLFW, I’m having to do 45% push ups for now. I can do a few regular push ups, but not quite at 15 yet. I will try that the next workout and see how it goes. Also, the Prone Jackknife. I can’t balance my legs on the Swiss all to be able to do them! So, I’ve been doing reverse curls instead.

What areas do you feel most confident about? Definitely the Deadlift, Squats, and Seated Row. I have plenty of leg muscle! I’m pleased with my Seated Row performance so far as well. I’ll definitely be going up in weight on Wednesday.

I’m glad I’m changing things up some, but I’ve been having difficulties figuring out how to eat! My calories have been averaging about 1550 or less and that’s no good if I’m trying to build muscle. While I have body fat for the muscles to pull energy from, I don’t want to constantly under feed my muscles either! So, right now I’ve upped my level to 1700. I fully expect to see a gain on the scale come Thursday, but it should work its way back down, if I’m doing it correctly.