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So…How was Stage 1?

I know what you’re all wanting to know. “Am I a She-Hulk yet?” Not, quite but I sure feel like a beast!!

Let’s see how my stats are from 6 weeks ago to yesterday’s final workout:

  Start End
Back Squat 45 125
Deadlift 95 160
Push Up 45% Reg
Seated Row 45 110
Step Up 55 85
Shoulder Press 15 27.5
Wide Grip Pull Down 40 105
Lunge 15 27.5

While I’m happy with my leg moves, I’m not that thrilled with the press! I mean, come on…27.5lbs? When I was doing CrossFit my 1 time max rep for strict press with a barbell was 80lbs. So, while I find the dumbbell harder I still thought I’d be able to get up to 35 or 40lbs. That’s alright though, I’ll keep pushing through. It’s shocking how out of proportion my upper body strength is to my lower body!

I have missed heavy lifting. I enjoyed CrossFit at the gym until things just built up to a breaking point. Doing CrossFit at the park was fun, but we could never do more weight than we could put in a sandbag and Neal moved on to bigger and better opportunities.

Honestly, I was a bit afraid to see how much muscle strength I had lost in the last few months. Thankfully, I feel like I’ve caught back up pretty quickly to what I think I could do before. My 1 rep max for back squats is 175lbs, so 125lbs at 3×8 is pretty cool!

In order to be able to workout at home, I had to start getting up at 3:45 with my husband. I always thought he was crazy for getting up that early, but if I didn’t want to die of heat stroke sacrifices had to be made. It’s a good thing there’s a bit of a walk to get to the garage, otherwise I think I would have been half asleep at the beginning of my workouts which could have led to disaster!

My weak areas are obviously the press, but also the step ups. I used the barbell for the step ups, but my balance wasn’t the best. It looks like I’ll continue to do those through Stage 2, so I’ll work on getting better with those. There has definitely been improvement, but there’s plenty of room for more!

My back squats and deadlifts were outstanding! I always felt strong on those moves. My grip tends to give out before my strength does so I’ll have to work on getting a stronger grip too (hello farmer’s carry). A couple of the moves that shocked me were the wide grip lat pull downs and seated row. I was able to do a lot more weight than I thought. Grrrr!

There is no doubt in my mind that my core is stronger. I am able to do the prone jackknife without the ball rolling around everywhere (I do mean everywhere!) and I’m able to do regular push ups from the ground, even if they’re not pretty just yet!

Ok, ok, on to the measurements. These aren’t exact, since I didn’t take the measurements on day 1, but it’s close enough (maybe 3 or 4 days off). There are no huge changes but I feel like my body composition has changed.

  Start End
Arms (left) 13.5″ 13.5″
Chest 39.5″ 40″
Waist 37.5″ 37″
Hips 43.25″ 43.25″
Thighs (left) 26″ 25.75″
Calves (left) 17.5″ 17.5″

I also didn’t take before photos. I know…silly me. However, here is the Stage 1 After and Stage 2 Before. I’m not happy with these photos. In my head I’ve become a World Class Fitness Competitor and these pictures do not support that ideal. But, I had a good “woe is me” moment last night and am choosing to ignore the physical evidence and still see myself as a goddess!

Then, for comparison, here’s a shot of me from May (left) and July (right).

New Rules of Lifting for Women

Awww  yeeahhh…it’s that time peeps! It’s time to shake things up a bit and get this weight loss train moving again. I’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year and a half and while I had some success and a ton of fun, I’m taking a month off of CrossFit to complete Stage 1 of New Rules of Lifting for Women.

We have a full weight set in our garage so it won’t require purchasing too much equipment. One of the items I needed though was a couple of different sized boxes. Sunday morning, the hubbins went to Lowe’s and picked up a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and we got to work!

I decided to go with a 14″ and 18″ box. Personally, I thought those may be a little short for what I needed, but after measuring things out it appears they’re just right!

We got the power tools out and started with the larger box to make sure we had enough material.

Since we didn’t take in to account that actual thickness of the plywood, the finished sizes are 14 3/4″ and 18 3/4″. The shorter box will be perfect for now and the larger box will help add more challenge and I build my muscles more!

I used the shorter box this morning and yes, it was challenging enough! In fact, my first workout went pretty well. My numbers:

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Rest
Squats 45/15 55/15 60
Push Up 45 deg/15 45 deg/15 60
Bent Over Row 45/15 55/15 60
Step Up w/Barbell 55/15 55/15 60
Reverse Crunch BW/8 BW/8 60

My Notes:

Need to go up on squats. Step ups were HARD. May need to consider dumbbells instead of barbell. Weight good on bent over row too. Pully and cable stuck on rack, may try to fix that. The workout only took 30 minutes. Should I be concerned about that?

All in all, I was happy with my performance. I was a little concerned at how quickly it went, but I think part of that is I underestimated the weight on the squats and went through that pretty quickly. I also need to warm up more at the beginning. However, 3:45 comes aaawwwfully early and I’m doing good not to drop the weights on my head!

On another note, we had a visitor this weekend at the house!

I politely shewed him away while I crapped my pants!

Goodbye, Not Farewell

Yesterday was my last workout with my trainer, Neal. I met Neal at CrossFit Deer Park when the girls and I started in Nov of 2010. Eventually, he stopped attending the classes and started teaching the new start up classes at the gym. He was already very professional with his students and you could tell they enjoyed him being there.

He helped with our class from time to time and I was always pleased to have him there. There were times when my Coach, Shane, would be too concerned with other clients that he paid no attention to whether my form was good or not but Neal stayed on my butt. Back in October/November 2011 Neal left the gym. I was sad to see him go, but figured he had bigger and better things lined up. Of course, now I know there were issues and he made the right choice for him at that time.

I stayed at the gym for the rest of that month since I had paid up but I was already feeling disenchanted with it. Four of us started at the gym and after a year I was the only one left. On my year anniversary, no one said a thing. Not one thing. I’m not asking for a big celebration, but just an acknowledgement of the hard work and my patronage for the year would have been nice. “Congrats on your year anniversary!” That’s all I wanted to hear. It was at that point that I decided I needed to move on as well. My Coach at the time was having fun with his friends (most of the members were personal friends of his) and I think just assumed I’d show up because I had been 2 to 3 times a week for the past year. As of this writing, I haven’t heard one word from the gym since I left. That’s not the way to get returning business people! Then again, maybe my membership wasn’t that important after all.

That’s me in the pink shirt killing over, the guy staring at me on the left is Neal, and my Coach at that time? He’s the guy in the back looking at the table.

My goal was to get healthier and I didn’t feel the gym was helping me get toward that goal anymore. So, I left. I started running at the park by work when I saw Neal there with some clients. That next week I tried his class out and was hooked from then on. We’ve been meeting up at the park Mondays and Wednesdays to workout and it’s been great!

 Neal was offered a job to help open a CrossFit box near Austin, CrossFit Dripping Springs. While I am happy that he found an amazing opportunity in a beautiful area, I’m quite bummed that he’s leaving. He says he’s going to keep up with our workouts via the web, but we’ll see how long he stays in touch!

Now, I have more reason to be jealous of all the Austinites! However, at least now I have a place to workout when I go visit family!

A Year of CrossFit

Last week, Tuesday, I hit a year of CrossFit. A whole year of doing an exercise regiment at least twice a week (every once in a while only once). That is unheard of in my reality! I normally get bored or tired of a specific exercise and end up quitting. However, CrossFit is always different. I’m pretty sure that’s why I stuck with it so long.

My first workout just about killed me. Yep, 5 rounds of 15 Overhead Squats with a wooden dow and a 100 Meter Sprint. Took me 12:30 minutes. I can laugh now because I realize just how out of shape I was.

Me after my first CrossFit workout:

So, what was my workout on my anniversary?

WOD: (30 Min cut off)

40 Kettlebell Swings (25#)

40 Push Ups (Chest to floor)

40 Pull Ups (Green band)

400 Meter Run

30 Kettlebell Swings

30 Push Ups

30 Pull Ups

400 Meter Run

20 Kettlebell Swings

20 Push Ups

20 Pull Ups (Green first 10, Black last 10)

400 Meter Run

10 Kettlebell Swings

10 Push Ups

10 Pull Ups (Black band)

400 Meter Run

Finished in 26:30

I have to be honest. I didn’t think I was going to finish that “chipper”. This was one of the few times that I was both disappointed with myself and thrilled with myself. I was disappointed because I had to drop down to the black band, partly because I tore my hands and partly because my upper body gave out pretty quickly. However…I finished! With minutes to spare even!

I’m about 20lbs lighter than I was when I started. The fact that I’ve kept that off is great as well! Now, if I could lose more my pull ups would be a little easier. While I’m getting to where I want to quit CrossFit for a bit…just take a break from the intensity, I’m still glad I’m going once the workout is done!

What workout/exercise routine have you had the most success with?

Back At It

This was my first time back at Crossfit since my babysitting adventure and it kicked my tush! It went pretty well, even though I was last…as usual.



We started with our strength of Front Squats 5x5x5x5x5 (95#) and a couple of rounds of as many burpees as possible in 15 seconds. The most I got was 4, which isn’t too shabby!




Deadlifts (135#)

Up and Over Box Jumps (Short)

Finished in 8:54


The up and over box jumps were interesting. Basically, you jump on the box and over the other side. Box jumps aren’t my strongest skill but I’m still glad I can do them than step ups. Now, I just need to work on jumping on the next box up!


How was your workout?!