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Strike a Pose

This Saturday, instead of going for our normal run Kelly, Clara, Mark and I went to a CrossFit Endurance Running Clinic to learn the Pose method.

We started at 9 AM and went to 2 PM. It was filled with a ton of drills and, of course, running! Before we started, we did some rolling with a lacrosse ball. Ooof…that was painful, but supposedly helps aid in recovery. We’ll see about that!

This is me rolling again after the clinic

They filmed us running 4 100 Meter sprints at the beginning and 2 100 Meter sprints at the end so we could watch our form and see if it improved or not. My hips were very sore after we were finished. I pretty much walked like an old woman the rest of the day! They are putting together an endurance team that will be going out doing 5K’s, 1/2 marathons, etc together and I was invited to join them if I wished. They made me fell very comfortable and at home, which was a relief since I’m not that good of a runner!

We did a team WOD at the end of the day (before our 2nd set of sprints) which was a 200 Meter Sprint Relay AMRAP for 12 minutes. Pretty sure our team was the slowest, but no one kept up with the legs they ran so everyone won a t-shirt! It is a rather bright yellow t-shirt…

I’m still heel striking, so I have to work on relaxing my foot when I run as opposed to flexing my foot. This should get rid of the shin splints I’ve been getting lately. On Sunday, I went and did a 5K using the 3/2 run/walk intervals and the Pose method. My pace on the 8.5 mile run the week before was slower than yesterday’s.

Last Week:


Now, I realize it’s not entirely far to compare an 8.5 mile run to a 3.2 mile run so let’s just look at the first three miles of each one.

Last week:


I am quite happy with the increased speed! A little over a minute faster on mile 1 and almost 2 minutes on mile 2. Outstanding!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my cadence on these runs to compare but hopefully the runs from here on out will show that. My goal is 94-95 steps per minute. I’m having some difficulties getting it down, but we were given 6 weeks worth of homework to do that is supposed to help in grain this running style and override the bad habits you’re built up. I’m hoping by the end of the 6 weeks it feels more natural and my speed would have increased more!

Yesterday I kept talking to myself “hips forward, lean, pull, pull, relax foot, lean, watch the hips, head up…” it got a little irritating after a while! The better I get at this though, the less I’ll have to remind myself of the correct form.

Wodya, Wodya, Wodya Want?

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Pull Ups (green band)
Push Ups
Box Jumps

First time I used the green band (lighter than black) and did Kipping Pull Ups in a WOD! I am so stoked to finally get on the green band. I’m not going back! I find it easier to do the pull ups without wrapping my thumb around. My push ups were strong. I need to work on doing full push ups instead of knee push ups. I used the small box on the box jumps and did ok. I should probably try the next box up.

This is the first workout I’ve had in a long time where I felt good afterward. I was tired and hot but knew I did the best I could!

Tracheal Stenosis Can Kiss My…

Thursday’s WOD:
Farmer’s Walk (35#)

3 Rounds
15 Burpees (buckin’ furpees)
30 Toes to Bar (became knees to elbows!)
Finished in 11:01

Completed 2 pull ups on the green band!

Monday’s WOD:
Push Press
5(45#) x 5(65#) x 5(75#) x 5(75#)

Overhead Squats (45#) 6
Back Extensions 8
Hang Clean (45#) 5

Tuesday’s WOD:
21, 15, 9 repetitions:
* 95/65 lb thrusters (first 26 @ 65#, last 19 @ 45#)
* Pull-ups (Black Band)
Finished in 13:13

I think from now on I will just update my week’s workouts on Friday and add some new posts here. I’m sure it’s getting rather boring reading nothing but my workouts!

Improvements/CrossFit Firsts:
I did 2 Kipping Pull Ups on the green band! I’d like to work on them more to get away from the black band!

Today’s workout was tough. I got to the point were I couldn’t breathe. This made me start getting sloppy to where I hit myself in the chin with the bar, so I dropped the weight down to just the bar. I probably should have put it at 55# instead of 45# but at the moment I was just thinking of getting the weight off so I could finish. I hate that I dropped down, I always hate doing that, but it was the right choice.

The last time I did Fran was 12/7/2010. I used the 35# bar and ring rows instead of pull ups. Finished in 8:03. So….kind of a lateral move I would say.

I can’t believe we’ve been having 100+ degree days already this summer. It’s hot!

How do you keep cool during the summer workouts?

Mixed Reaction

It’s Thursday!! WOOT! One more day until the weekend…can’t wait. Michelle and I were the only ones at the gym today for our WOD. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a class that small.

We did Deadlifts for our strength exercise instead of Box Jumps. My legs were still sore from the front squats, but I didn’t feel them once we got going. We did 8 rounds (2 x 6, 2 x 4, 2 x 2, 2 x 1) similar to how we did the front squats but instead of going up by 5# increments, I tried to go up as quickly as possible. The last time I maxed out at 155# but thought I could have probably done 165#. Well, today I reached a new PR of 200#!! That’s almost my body weight! My grip was tiring out. I need to do something to improve my grip. It would help greatly with the pull ups as well. I also got my first callous tear, courtesy of the diamond etching on the bar.

I have some of the black from the floor mats embedded in it at the moment. I washed it the best I could.

The WOD was a killer today. Of course, part of that could be because it was hot and muggy. I was dripping sweat through the whole thing. We had an AMRAP of 10 Push Presses (45#), 10 Burpees, and 10 Ring Push Ups. The push presses were ok on the first two rounds but I was struggling with that weight on the last 3. I guess I need to really jump it up better than I was. The burpees…yeah…those were just pitiful. I hate burpees, and while I can do more now than when I started I still can’t do very many without getting worn out. I had to do the step back and up instead of jumping, but they got done. Last was the ring push ups….OMG. Talk about hard. My stabilizing muscles must be incredibly weak because I couldn’t do them very well. My knees weren’t far enough back and I didn’t get far enough down. But, that’s what we’re working on. Eventually, they’ll get easier and in return I’ll be able to steady myself better for ring dips or anything else dealing with the rings.

All in all I did 4 complete rounds and up to 7 burpees on my 5th round. Not good…at all. I stopped too many times. I was completely wasted and didn’t know if I could keep going, but I did my best to push through. My obvious weakness is stopping too often to try to catch my breath. The goal is to keep moving and don’t stop. So…that’s what I will try my best to do from here on out.

This was my first week doing 3 days of CrossFit. I think it went pretty well, even if I got my ass handed to me 25 ways to Sunday. There is no doubt I’ll start seeing more improvement with the added day. My upper body is much weaker than the other girls, so it’s time to play catchup!

New Strokes

Tuesday brought an interesting day, as far as the workouts go. Alaina told Michelle and I that our workout today was going to incorporate a lot of running, but thankfully that is tomorrow’s workout and not today’s!

We started practicing Clean Squats for our skill. We just used a 45# bar so it wasn’t for max weight. I kept hitting my collarbone. The problem must be my inability to get my elbows up high enough or fast enough to rest the bar on. That is definitely a weakness I need to work on.

The WOD was a little different in that it was all strength. We focused on the Front Squats with increasing weight. Each time we went down a round in reps we were supposed to go up with weight. Each round’s reps were repeated twice. Weight as follows: 2 rds of 8 (45#), 2 rds of 6 (55#), 2 rds of 4 (1 @ 65#, 1 @ 85#), 2 rds of 2 (95#), 2 rds of 1 (105#). Michelle maxed at 125#. Awesome. I had a tough time getting back up with the 105# so I called it good there. I regret that now. I think I may have been able to go up one more, and Michelle was trying to encourage me to try the weight but I talked myself out of it. Next time I’ll go until I have to dump the weight. I really enjoyed the workout. I was able to push the weight instead of just doing numerous reps. Some of the guys were doing up to 300#…crazy!

Since Shane didn’t feel like we got our money’s worth, he had us finished the day off with 35 Goblet Squats (25#), then 8 rounds of 10 GHB Sit Ups and 10 Knees to Elbows. I definitely think I got my money’s worth! As I type this I can already feel spots that are going to be sore starting tomorrow!

How was your workout?