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Saturday in the Park

I spent about 2 1/2 hours this morning walking around Tamarac Park. The weather was gorgeous! All in all I went 8.25 miles. I was only 5 miles away from the 1/2 marathon finish line, but I was pretty tired. In fact, my pace had slowed quite a bit. I think I did something to the side of my foot because it hurts. Hopefully having the next two days off will get it back to normal.

I started by doing a mile then doing 10 squats. This lasted for 4 miles. So, I ended up getting 40 squats in throughout the workout as well! After my walk I went to the HEB next to Town Market to get groceries but there wasn’t any parking spaces. I couldn’t believe how packed it was. Yes, I know it’s close to Christmas, but come on…So, I went to Randall’s instead. I bought a bunch of veggies (fresh) and herbs. I’m looking forward to new meals than the boxed dirty rice.

Now, as everyone probably knows….alcohol and diets do not go together. I had a few drinks Friday night and as a result I ate fried pickes, a hamburger, and fries for dinner. DOH. Poor choices. Then I went and ate a few pieces of pizza for dinner tonight. That was brought on by me getting on my scale….yes I know I wasn’t going to weigh in until Christmas day but my curiosity got the best of me. I was at 225….same weight…no change. So, I did the whole “What does it matter what I eat then?” attitude and ate the pizza.

I realize this is nothing but self sabotage. Even if I’m not losing weight, I’m still trying to get healthy and what’s healthy about Pizza or feeding myself poor food? So, I slapped myself back to reality and am back at it again.

My parents and nephews are staying with us next week and I’m hoping that I can resist the poor eating then as well. However, on Christmas I won’t lie by saying I won’t eat any bad foods. I will eat dessert, but I won’t pig out. The goal is to just have a bite or two, not a whole pie!

What are your plans for making it through Christmas without extra pounds?

Clean and Press

Tonight’s CrossFit session went well. We had three rounds of Ground to Overheads (Clean and Press), then dumbbell rows, and sit ups. The first round was 21 of each, the next is 15, and last was 9. I was only using the 45lb bar, but good grief it got realllly heavy toward the end! It took me 3 tries to get the last press overhead. I finished in 16:32. I was last again, but I didn’t care much.

We had a guy visiting from Washington State. I’m not sure if he was training with Shane or just here on vacation and getting his workouts in. He was nice enough, but one of these people that thinks yelling where you are in your rounds at you is motivating. I appreciate the thought, but I was very tempted to ask him to “shut up”. I’m pushing as hard as I can, I don’t really like hearing “Come on girl…no resting…push it out…only 9 more…8….7…come on push push” being yelled at me. Yelling “Come on girl” is fine…but I don’t want a barrage being yelled at me.  Shane does a great job with his motivation technique. He’s encouraging but at the same time he keeps calm, which keeps me more focused. I know some people really enjoy the constant yelling motivation, it’s just not my style! But, I did appreciate the thought the behind it.

Now, if I’m dogging it and not doing something right or well, you’re free to yell at me then. Everything has a time and place.

I had lemon thyme chicken for dinner tonight. Yum-my!

Weekend Workout

Yesterday I went to Tamarac Park in the Woodlands and put in 6 miles. It was the first day that I wasn’t too sore from my Crossfit experience so I was ready to go. On the way to the park I was thinking “I may do a 1/2 marathon today. I think I could do it.” Now, the furthest I’ve ever walked/run was 8 miles, so I’m not sure where all the confidence was coming from!

I finished my 6 miles in 1:40:44. I was supposed to be meeting a friend, so I called it quits at that point. If I would have tried to do the entire 13 miles it would have taken me 4 hours. 4 HOURS! So, the conclusions I’ve come to:

1) I’m sloooowwwww

2) I am not ready for a 1/2 marathon

3) I am capable of doing a 1/2 marathon though!

After my workout, my phone started having issues. The screen started blinking, it wouldn’t charge…then the screen went all white, then all black. It stayed that way for several hours. I could hear emails coming in, but I couldn’t see anything (iphone). Thankfully, this morning it was working fine. I guess my iphone wasn’t ready my 6 mile workout! I’d hate to see what would have happened had I done 13 miles! 😉

I have roughly 30 more miles to go in my November Going the Distance challenge…gotta step it up!

Sugarlog Day 5 and NovGTD

My sugar cravings are getting much better. I didn’t give in the other day to the sugarbeast! So, on that front I’m feeling pretty confident.

Today for lunch, I ate boneless wings. Not great…987 calories and a ton of salt. However, I was only over my daily calorie count by 100 which isn’t too bad considering.

Today was also my first week to post my mileage for November: Going the Distance. I got 15 miles in on the treadmill! Woohoo! I’m on my way to my 60 miles goal. On another note, my friend Michelle invited me to join her and a couple of ladies from work to do Crossfit. We go on Monday to test it out. I’m a little concerned that I won’t necessarily make my 60 miles if I spend 3 days a week doing Crossfit, but I’ll be ok with that if I still give it my all.

Hope y’all had a good workout day!

Sugarlog, Days 2 & 3

What a wonderful weekend we had! The weather was gorgeous and quite cool. It actually felt like Fall for a little bit. On Saturday, I got up and run some errands in the morning then went over to Tamarac Park and got in 6 miles worth of walking. It was a great walk but I noticed my left foot (ball of the foot) felt a bit raw so I decided 6 miles was plenty.

I stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some paint swatches (yep, thinking of redecorating!) and a couple of books then went home to pick up the Hubby. We went to check out a place called My Fit Foods. They have perfectly portioned meals, many of which are gluten free. We didn’t pick anything up as we didn’t have a cooler to get them back to the house in, but I think I may get some of these meals for dinner for next week. Mike probably won’t eat them as they won’t have enough food for him. He has an extremely high metabolism that requires quite a bit more food than I do! So, I’ll have to let y’all know how they taste when I try them out. The meals looked good in the cooler. You could even buy them and heat them up there. They had a little eating area with tables and chairs.

Then Sunday, I stayed in my PJs all day watching football with Mike. I was going to get a few more miles in, but my foot was bothering me a great deal. Come to find out I had blisters. So, it’s time to get some new athletic socks and possibly some new shoes. Those shoes have probably close to 300 miles. I’ve heard that you can normally get anywhere from 300-400 miles on a good pair of running shoes before the materials start breaking down.

Today is a walk/run day, so I’m hoping the socks I use won’t irritate the blister too much. I’m tired of dealing with blisters on that foot. My guess is it’s the same blister that just hasn’t completely healed yet that keeps getting aggravated.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!