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Getting Up to Speed

OMG…tonight’s workout was brutal. BRUTAL. Our warm up was Death by 10 Meter x2. In other words, instead of doing ¬†just one sprint and adding 1 each time we did 2 sprints, adding 2 sprints each time. Last time I got kicked out at 11. Today I got in 12 before I removed myself. I was having a hard time catching my breath. The last round was 14, so I should have just tried to push harder and get some of them in. Again, I think my throat is causing me not to get the same amount of oxygen as I had been. Which scares me.

The WOD was 5 rounds for time of 10 Ground to Overhead (Clean and Press), 20 Kettlebell Swings and 5 Burpees. I started with the 35# bar for the GTO but they were too easy so I switched to the 45# bar. That weight started getting very heavy during round 2. I was thinking “Great…I’m not even 1/2 way done.” However, Shane said my form was good through all of the rounds (which I tried to keep good form because I was very tired and that’s normally when my form goes to pot). During the last round I got 2 or 3 GTO with the 45# bar when I had to switch down to the 35# bar. At the time I didn’t think I could finish the last round with the 45# bar but on the way home my brain started saying “You could have done it. You just wussed out.” However, I think I made the right call in downgrading. Last time I was able to do 45 GTOs with the 45# bar, but I think the Kettle Bells fatigued my arms more this round.

The Kettlebell Swings were hard. This was the first time that I had done them and I don’t particularly want to do them again anytime soon! I used a 25# bell (bar bell because we don’t have kettlebells) and really struggled with them but I didn’t down grade the weight…I was able to push through with that weight. Michelle gave me some pointers after the workout to make them a little easier to do. So, next time we’ll see if I can do better. I got so hot during this workout that I thought I was going to lose my lunch. Thankfully, I was able to push it down and get through it.


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Since I can’t do a normal burpee, I modify it where I go into a plank pose (instead of going all the way down) then come back up. They still kill me. I finished in around 24:30. I was so tired that I looked at the time but didn’t soak it in. Michelle finished well before me so Shane made her do 50 sit ups on the GHB machine. Ouch! But, she kicked ass. Not only did she do great during the workout, but she had extra work to do as well. She’s my inspiration! I often think of upping my CrossFit workouts from 2 a week to 3, but at this time I’m not going to since I’m also training for the half marathon in March.

OH…one more thing. Today was day 30 of my Paleo Diet! Recap coming soon.

Focusing the Mind

One of the things I like about CrossFit is the fact that you get wrapped up in the workout. There is no room to think of anything other than the number of reps and rounds you’re doing. You may have some room to think about how much you’re hurting as well!

Tonight’s workout went well. The warm-up was “Death by 10 Meters”. Yes…it stood up to its name. You had to run 10 meters in intervals of 1 minute. In other words, you start off with 1 10 meter “sprint” in a minute. I walked it. Then, once that minute is up, you have to do 2 “sprints”, then 3, 4, 5, etc. You get the picture. The more sprints you have to do, the less rest time you had in between. I only got 11 sprints in then I missed the time limit and had to sit out while the rest of them finished up. The top person got 16 sprints in, I believe. So, let’s look at this a little bit. I did a total of 66 10 meter sprints. That’s not too terribly bad! The top guy did 136 sprints. He did fantastic.

After the warm-up, the WOD was another one of the flip flop rounds. So we had three rounds: 30 Squat Thrusters, 10 Dips; 20 Squat Thrusters, 20 Dips; 10 Squat Thrusters, 30 Dips. It was tough. Shane told me to use the heavy PVC pipe instead of the small bar. I was thinking “I can do the bar”…but I’m glad I had the PVC pipe toward the end of the workout. My dips don’t really resemble dips as I can’t get down very far. That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel the burn. I finished my set in 6:30 which was really a good time for me. Of course, I’m pretty sure that’s because I had the lighter bar. I went to wipe my bangs out of my eyes afterward and couldn’t raise my hand up to my forehead. My arm was too tired to cooperate! I will be feeling it tomorrow and Thursday. I had a box that I was supposed to hit (not sit on) when I did the squat part so I was getting low enough. I touched it through all of the first round and most of the second. I don’t know how many times I hit it the last round…I felt like I was low enough but I know I didn’t hit it every time.

I’ve really enjoyed working out with everyone I’ve met at this gym. They’ve all been friendly and supportive. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Source: Dynamic Fit Web Site