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E-Book Pricing

Let’s talk a little bit about e-book pricing. It’s starting to get a little ridiculous and apparently I’m not the only one thinking this way. There appears to be a conspiracy lawsuit involving Apple and the big publishers. As you may, or may not remember, Amazon was pricing e-books at $9.99 or less prior to 2010 and held most of the e-book market thanks to their Kindle. The claim is, because Apple wanted to join the e-book market with iBooks and squash Amazon and their little Kindle too in the process, they worked with publishers to set the prices of their e-books to a price comparable to a physical book.

A personal petpeeve of mine, Apple made all competitive e-reader apps remove their stores. So, if you’re using the Nook, Kindle, or Kobo apps you can’t buy a book from within the app anymore. You have to go to their website. However, in Apple’s iBook app you can access their store with no problems. For that reason alone I refuse to spend my money at iBooks and continue to purchase from Amazon.

I’m also forming my own protest by not buying any e-book that’s the same price as the hardback. Really? There are less resources being used for e-books yet you want to charge me the same price? So, I play the waiting game and if they lower the price then I’ll buy it.

Just a quick update, it looks as though some publishers will be settling but Macmillan is set to go to court.

What about you? Do you think e-books are worth what the publishers are charging?

Oh, Yes I Did!

I did it. I caved in. After waiting what seems like years for the Harry Potter series to be available in e-book format I bought the whole dang series in one swoop!

And…I’m excited to see the covers I love instead of the many other variations! I bought them to read on my Kindle, but thankfully I have the ability to download the books up to 8 times so if I ever decided to go with a different reader, I can still read my books! You can’t buy the books through Amazon (or B&N, or whatever your choice reader). You have to purchase the books from Pottermore then download to your device. If you link your account (in my case, Amazon) with your Pottermore account you can download the books directly to your device instead of downloading to the computer and then putting them on the e-reader. Thankfully, it’s not nearly as convoluted as it sounds and they walk you through the process relatively painlessly.

What books have you been waiting to come out in e-book format?