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Colorful/Personalized Coffee Koozie

I finally decided to try to make a koozie for my coffee/hot chocolate cups. Not that the paper ones don’t work well, but they’re just not that much fun! It was a lot of trial and error, but I’m happy with the outcome.

My first one was a little small for what I was wanting. So, I broke out more fabric and tried again. This time, I added 1/2 an inch to each side of my template on the fusible fleece.

After cutting out the fleece, I cut two pieces of fabric to make the outside and inside of the koozie. I then sandwiched them together and ironed the top fabric to the fusible fleece.

I then cut the fabric around the fleece so I could better see where I was quilting!

I did some simple channel stitching. The trick was to make sure you follow the curve of the template so the stitches look straight once it’s sewn together.

After pressing the koozie I cut out two strips of binding 2 inches wide and sewed one on the top and bottom.

I decided to machine stitch the binding down instead of hand stitching. So, I made sure to use a lot of pins to keep things in place.

The last step was to sew the two ends together using a 1/4 inch seam.

The extra 1/2 inch on this template seemed to be just the right size!

They both went together very quickly and are just darn cute!! Now, to give them a test run tomorrow on my way to work!

Iphone/Ipod Holder

I always listen to my iphone/ipod when I go to the gym and normally it’s not an issue because I can sit in the drink holder on the treadmill. My new exercise regimen requires cross training two days out of the week so I’ve decided to use the rowing machine. May as well get some work on those shoulders too! Unfortunately, there is no where to put my phone when rowing! Since you’re body is constantly moving back and forth you can’t sit the phone on the floor without getting tangled up in the ear phones. I thought about putting it in the top of my sports bra, or foxy pocket as my husband calls it, but it was getting quite nasty there.

Obviously something had to be done. I have to listen to my audiobooks while exercising or I start focusing on the time too much. Dun dun dadun!!! SuperIphone/Ipod holder to the rescue!

I made this without a pattern as I didn’t think it would be too difficult. First thing’s first…gotta cut the fabric:

Two 4″ x 12.5″ pieces (lining and outer fabric)
One 4″ x 12.5″ piece of batting to protect the phone against sweat (sorry…)
One 2″ x 37″ piece for the strap (I cut 2 pieces to make that length)
One 2″ x 37″ piece of fusible fleece to give the strap some strength

I started by sewing the length of the strap right sides together. After sewing, I measured the actual length I felt would be comfortable for me. Then I cut the strap down. No sense in having to turn more fabric than necessary!

I turned the strap right side out and pressed the seam to the middle of one side. So when you sew it all together the seam is hidden on the inside next to your neck.

Then I cut the lining fabric in 1/2 so I had two pieces that were 4″ x 6.25″. This will make it easier to sew the liner in and turn it right side out when done.

Sew the sides of the liner (leave the top and bottom open) and the sides of the outer fabric with batting. Make sure the right sides of both fabrics are together. For the outer fabric the batting will be facing you.

Turn the outer fabric right side out but leave the liner wrong side out.

Now, stuff the outer fabric into the lining sleeve like putting a sock on. Line up the top of the fabrics together.

This is where you’re going to snake the strap up between the lining and outer fabric. Make sure you have the seam facing the outer seam. This will insure when you turn it right side out the strap seam will be against your neck and hidden. Make sure you use lots o’ pins as there are lots of layers and not a lot of room to work with.

The tough part is shoving this whole thing under the sewing machine foot! The walking foot is important if you’re going to have all of the layers that I did. I made sure to back stitch at the beginning, over the straps, and at the end.

When you’re done sewing the top together, it looks something like this!

Flip the lining up and over so it looks like this:

Stitch together to opening at the bottom of the lining, however you prefer. I machine stitched it closed and pressed the whole thing. Once that’s done, shove the lining down into the outer fabric and you’re done!

My iphone fit perfectly without a fear of it falling out.

Excuse the extra threads! I think the strap may have been better if it was cut 2.5″ instead of 2″. However, I’m pleased with how it turned out! Tomorrow will be my first day to put it to work!

Not Too Bad

I spent a couple of hours on Tuesday night sewing together Michelle’s scarf. I had already cut the pieces and had them sandwiched together so it made the sewing rather easy. I fed all of the strips through and chain stitched them.

My Aunt Linda and I went on a shop hop last March where the Painted Pony handed out these nifty little chain stitch cutters (or whatever you’d like to call it!) as you left their store. This saved so much time because all I had to do was slide the thread down to cut it instead of having to search for my other seam ripper!

Here’s what the back looked like about 1/4 of the way through:

This is the backside once it had all been sewn together:

I sat down once I had it all sewn together and spent 1/2 an hour clipping all of the edges so they’d get frilly when I washed them. My hand was cramping a bit as I got to the end of the job. Honestly, I looked at the “Finished” product and thought “uh…maybe I’ll give it the dogs instead.”

So, I dropped it in the washer and put it on the fastest washing setting possible.

When it finished going through the washer, I threw it in the dryer and went to bed. I was hoping that by some miracle, when I got up in the morning it would look beautiful! Well, it wasn’t beautiful but it looked a lot better than it did before the wash! Merry Christmas Michelle!

Christmas Present

I had an idea for a Christmas present, but I’m pushing it to the last minute! What was the idea? I can’t tell you Not yet. You’ll see the finished product tomorrow, if I can get it done by then.

I cut most of my strips today. First of all, I just have to say that I absolutely love my project ruler. This thing is excellent. You can cut strips in 1, 2, 3 inch increments (what ever size you prefer) without moving your ruler! The slits in the ruler allow you to cut the strips without having to reposition the ruler.

Yesterday I hemmed my mother-in-law’s Snuggie for her. So, I decided to repurpose her left overs!

I took the left over snuggie and cut them into 1×7″ pieces. This is what I’ll use as my batting. Now, why I thought it was a good idea to have 1 inch strips…I’m not quite sure yet! This will probably make me have to get new glasses!

I used some fabric I had in my collection. They were the marble collection that I was having a hard time figuring out what to use it for. I absolutely love these colors and the dots! The picture somewhat distorts the colors of the fabric. These are somewhat dark and earthy. LOVE THEM!

I ran into one problem. I didn’t have enough fabric strips to complete this little project. So, I need to cut another 30 strips. I also didn’t have any black thread; therefore, I couldn’t get any sewing done today. 🙁 I found a brick red to go with the dark green, burnt orange, and brown. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have these all put together and completed! I can’t wait to see how it ends up!