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Just A Trip Around the Quilt Block

What a great day today was! It started out with a run/walk in 60 degree weather. It’s been in the triple digits so long here I forgot what cool weather felt like! After my workout, I went to my Aunt Linda’s to catch up on some quilt blocks I owe the ladies from my online quilting bee.

We started with Frieda’s blocks, which had 100 half square triangles. Ok, maybe not a hundred but it sure felt like it!

Since Frieda wanted two blocks, I did one and Aunt Linda did the other. It took us about 2 hours to do each block, but I am quite happy with how they turned out.

My block:

Aunt Linda’s block:

I can’t wait to see the final quilt! After finishing Frieda’s block we split up the last two blocks left. I took Jessica’s hexagon block while Aunt Linda took Heidi’s beach house block. The hexagon block scared me. I’m was afraid I’d cut something wrong and mess the whole block up, but it looks pretty good!

Aunt Linda had fun coming up with a striped beach house. There weren’t any restrictions except not having raw edges.

All in all it was a very productive Saturday! I’m glad to be caught up on my quilt blocks. Now, I need to get my directions and fabric put together soon. My month is October!

Crisp Fall Mornings…

It’s Fall! Finally! Unfortunately, the weather here has yet to hear the news. While it’s not in the high 90’s it’s still in the low 90’s. Fall and Winter have to be my favorite times of the year. The days are cooler and the overall attitude of society seems to improve.

The holidays seem to bring out the best in everyone. Halloween is always fun for people watching and chocolate, of course! Thanksgiving begins the orgy of food for my family. Thursday morning, I get up and get my dishes ready for the parties. By 11 am I’m at the first family get together. Bring on the turkey and mashed potatoes! Then we’re out of there and on our way to another party for my family around 2 pm. In order not to insult the host and hostess, I typically eat another small plate of scrumptious casseroles and dressings. When 4 pm hits, my husband and I are on our way across town to see his parents. Unfortunately, his mother normally cooks enough food for 20 people, but there’s only 4 of us (6 when his brother and sister-in-law are home). My stomach is begging me NOT to shove anymore food in. Alas, I eat another tablespoon of turkey and a roll so his mother isn’t disappointed (she normally is though because we don’t eat enough!). We get home around 8 and fall into a food induced coma for the rest of the evening.

We get a month to recover until Christmas, my favorite holiday. The sounds, sights, and smells bring back such lovely memories and always leave me smiling. Christmas shopping is the one challenge I look forward to the most. It is my personal goal to find the perfect gift for my loved ones. There is always the one person that I stew over and end up just finding something the week of Christmas because “that” gift has eluded me. It takes everything I have not to give the gifts out as I find them! It’s not the gift, it’s the reaction that stays with me.

Thankfully our Christmas parties are spread over two days. This gives me ample time to recover before having to dig into the endless dishes between visits. Christmas usually brings twice the amount of desserts than Thanksgiving, but I’m ok with that!

While it’s only September 23rd, I’m already looking forward to the organized chaos over the next couple of months. Is it wrong that I’m already listening to Christmas music?!

Happy Autumn!

A Little Bit Of Grandma

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time at my Grandma’s house in Houston, Tx. She had her own little garden where we would pick blackberries to freeze for later while eating all we could! We would also use those blackberries for dessert the entire time I stayed with her. Nothing quite like taking frozen blackberries and putting them in milk with sugar!

She also had a loquat tree on the end of her property. This fruit was sweet and unique. I don’t think I had seen them anywhere else but at her house. The seeds were a beautiful golden brown and looked like beads.

Unfortunately, my Grandma has had some health issues lately and has had to sell her house. My Uncle was able to get about 20 seeds from her loquat tree for me, which I tried to plant to start my own tree. Some of these seeds were still in their hulls, some had the hulls removed. They have been planted in a pot for about a month and figured they were all but duds. But guess what!

That’s right…I have a sprout! I planted 8-10 seeds and this is the first sprout I’ve seen. It seemed to just shoot up overnight. I am so excited and hope that it continues to grow into my own tree, then I’ll have a little bit of Grandma with me at home.