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What’s Another One?

Well, I did it again. I signed up for another project. Yep…I’m getting all creative this year! As you know, from reading this blog, I have been working on my weight/fitness/health for many years and have managed to lose about 43lbs so far. However, I’ve slacked off lately and needed a little boost to get back at it. With that in mind, I signed up for Cathy Zielske’s Move More, Eat Well class. That means, I’ll be scrapbooking (digitally) my weight loss/fitness journey this year. This is the year I want to get to my goal weight which is only about 40lbs more. That’s less than 4lbs a month!

The videos have been a lot of fun to watch. Cathy is full of energy and just a funny lady! I’ve been following her blog for a couple of years now and I am happy to be part of her class. I’ve already completed a couple of my pages. We’ll make those into a separate post.

In other news, my Grandma is in the hospital again because of her heart. I spent all day yesterday there with my family while they went in and did a heart ablation. Thankfully she pulled through that just fine and so far we’re getting pretty good reports back from the doctor. Unfortunately, they found a mass on the back of her heart during the operation that kept them from ablating all of the misfiring nerves. They’re trying to figure out what the mass is at this time. They think it may just be a blood clot that they can treat with medication. Let’s hope so!

Mom for a Week

This past week I went to North Carolina to babysit my nephews (11 and 6) while my parents were on a 14 day cruise and my brother had to work. I was a little nervous, but I have to say it went really well! Be assured…I did NOT just sit around eating bon-bons, as Mike would say.



Now, in all fairness 10 of those miles was on Saturday after I got home but 18 miles isn’t too bad! Just a quick breakdown:


Monday: Arboretum walk of about 6-7 miles (watch stopped working)

Tuesday: Hike around Table Rock Mountain and Linville Falls about 4 miles

Thursday: 8 miles on a stationary bike


I have quite a few pictures to share for Monday and Tuesday’s workout so I’ll have to do those in a different post. In the meantime, I can share some photos of my week at a glance!


Mike and I left Friday afternoon and headed toward my “vacation house” haha!



We reached our destination Saturday evening about 5PM. Since Daylight Saving Time hit Sunday morning, we didn’t really have to adjust to the Eastern Time Zone. Once we were home, however, was another story! Sunday the boys and I played with their toys then headed to the mall so Mike could watch football. Dakota is the oldest and Logan is the one looking on longingly at the plane.



Monday, I got up at 5:45 (so much for sleeping in!) and made sure the boys were up, fed, and at the bus stop on time. Once they were gone, Mike and I grabbed our workout gear and headed to the arboretum for what should have been an 8 mile walk.  We looked around at the bonsai plants before hitting the trails.



I have to say, the bonsai exhibit makes me want to try to make one! The trail took us to Lake Powhatan. Since my watch broke I didn’t get an exact distance, but I think we only ended up going 6-7 miles (if I added the mileage right from all the signs).



We got home in time to get the kiddos from the bus stop and eat dinner. Day 1 down! Tuesday through Thursday the morning routine was always the same. Since my brother, Eddie, was off on Tuesday he was there to get them from the bus stop so Mike and I could go out to Table Rock Mountain. Since we missed the turn off, we ended up going to Linville Falls first, then found the turn for Table Rock on our way home.



Wednesday we went to Black Mountain to look around at the shops. I picked up another Carruth sculpture for my hallway! I love his sour face.



Thursday I rode the stationary bike while Mike ran his 4 miles on the treadmill. It was nice to get in a different type of workout than running/walking and weight training. Since it was our last day in Asheville, we decided to go downtown and walk around a bit. There were some gorgeous fall colors!




We looked at all of the art deco architecture and enjoyed some time at the Grove Arcade (the mall/apartment downtown).



Eddie was off on Friday, so we left Thursday night to ensure plenty of time to get home and pick the dogs up. Apparently, when the dogs are in the kennel they don’t sleep well. Ruby was passed out when she got home!




All in all, I enjoyed my time as a Mom for a week. That being said, a week was enough! I do miss the boys and can’t wait to see them again next year.

Fur Babies!

I just wanted to take some time to say I love my fur babies!

Ellie was our first addition. She was born on January 27th, 2002 during Bush’s State of the Union Address. Since the litter was born on that night all of the boys were named after previous presidents and all of the girls after former first ladies. Ellie was named after Eleanor Roosevelt. The name fits her. She’s a very strong willed dog! She’s a German Shepherd/Keeshond mix. She looks like a normal German Shepherd, except for her tail. Her tail is somewhat bushy and curls up on top of her tush. She’s somewhat of a snob, but very loving. Her muzzle is getting gray now that she’s 8 years old, however she hasn’t slowed down one bit!

Ruby wasn’t a planned puppy. I was sitting at the house working on a midterm paper when I heard footsteps come up our front stairs. I thought my husband had forgotten something, because he had just left to go to the store. Well, I got up to open the door and didn’t see him there. I did see, however, a small white puppy trying to cuddle up to our boxing dummy that was on the front porch. I sat back down and called Mike to let him know that there was a puppy hanging around on the porch. We didn’t want another dog, so I thought if I didn’t interact with her she’d find her way back home. Well, Mike got home…looked at her and said “I guess she can come in.” So, I let her in and she hasn’t left since! We put out signs, but no one claimed her. The vet estimated she was around 6 months when she showed up. That would put her around 3 now. She’s part Lab and part Pit Bull. She has to be the most loving dog I’ve ever seen. Every morning she gives me kisses before she gets out of bed and always has to be touching you in some way. Mike jokes that she would crawl inside you if she could…I would have to agree!

I love my two fur babies and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

I Just Want to Sleep!

Just a funny little update, Mike normally gets up at 4 AM and lets the dogs outside to go to the bathroom while he goes and runs. I sleep in until 5 AM then get up and get ready for work. On any given day the dogs are both very quick to get up so they can go outside. This morning Ruby was extra tired and not ready to get out of bed.

I pushed her with my foot, but she didn’t move. Mike tried to get her to go outside, but she wouldn’t move. Mike had to physically pick her up (she’s 50 pounds) and carry her out of the room! She takes after her mother! lol

A New Year

The new year is here and ready to take off. How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? We didn’t do anything special. The night started off with taking down the Christmas decorations.

Here’s our tree without all of the lights (pain in the tush to take off). Can you see how it’s leaning?! We had to struggle with the lights to get them off and I think in the progress we made it off kilter.

The next step was to sweep up all of the needles we ripped off. You can see some of the Ruby hair that was swept up as well..ew.

Mike took the tree out to the porch (where it’s still sitting). The living room looked a little bigger with the tree gone, but a little less happy. However, the smell of the fir was still lingering, which made me happy!

Once that was done, we started watching the Twilight Zone Marathon. It’s become somewhat of a tradition. Every New Year’s Eve we watch part, if not most, of the Twilight Zone episodes (black and white ones). Mom had left some Asti behind from the last time they were here, so we drank it. It was actually quite good. Finally about 10:30 we decided to go to bed.

We’re watching Jackie’s dog, Rita, who hates loud noises. So, I doped her up with some puppy prozac and crawled into bed. The firecrackers started around 10. I turned up my noise maker, hoping to drowned out the gun shots that were sure to come. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. I’m not sure who was shooting but it was someone close by because it was quite loud. Rita started freaking out a bit. She crawled up on the bed and was trying to find a way to hide. I grabbed her off of Mike and stuck her under the blankets. Once she was in there she was fine. The shooting started about 11:30 and ended around 1:30. Then started again at 6:20. Now, I’m not quite sure what the joy in shooting a gun in the air is. To me, the enjoyment of shooting a gun is to see how accurate I am which means that I have a target I’m shooting at. At night, you can’t see squat. I can only assume they were shooting in the air, maybe they were shooting out…dunno…but it doesn’t seem like much fun to me. Then again, I’m biased because I don’t like hearing all the shooting when I’m trying to sleep!

Rita got hot about 3, so she kept trying to dig out of the blankets. Once she found her way out she was panting in my face. Thanks Rita! Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep. But, I knew I wouldn’t. I assume tonight will be the same thing. I’m going to try to find some earplugs tonight and see if that helps! I think our new tradition should be staying at a hotel on New Year’s Eve!

Last year wasn’t all that great. We lost some loved ones, lost some money, and possibly lost some of our sanity. I’m hoping 2010 will bring good things. I’m feeling good about how it has started.

I hope all of you have a great new year full of growth and prosperity!