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Grogan’s Mill Farmer’s Market

This past Saturday I was on my way to get my run in when something caught my eye. It was green and shiny and read “Farmer’s Market”. WHAT?! We have a Farmer’s Market around here? How did I not know this?!

Of course, this meant I had to change my route and check it out! HA…that rhymed! Ok, moving on…The market isn’t as big as the well established ones I’ve been to, but I can see it getting to that point if there is enough business.

Even though it was small, they covered almost all of the bases from fruits and vegetables…

to pastured and grass-fed beef…

and local honey…

as well as local olive oil!

I had to peel myself away because I didn’t want the food sitting my car while I ran, but I did go back after I finished and picked up some goodies!

I bought some Pecan Walnut Cinnamon Butter that seems more like a drizzle but is still very very tasty!

Now that I know where this place is, I will make sure to take a cooler and pick up some of the beef and farm eggs! I’ve been wanting a farmer’s market close to us but the only one I knew of was on Thursdays and I just never could make it in time. Keeping my fingers crossed that they become permanent!


I’ve been gone for a bit. Just needed to take a break. Unfortunately, I also took a break (about a week) from working out. However, I’m back on track with that now. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of rowing. Today my inner thighs and shoulders are sore! That’s a good sign though.

While Mom was in town (one reason I took a week off) we went to the Outlet Mall and found out they have a local Texas Farm that rents one of the stores to sell their yummy food!

I bought a jar of Sweet Fire which consisted of bread and butter pickles and jalapeños. I don’t like sweet pickles but Mike said they were quite good. Some of their food was a bit high in cost, but well worth it to support a local farm!

I started counting calories again on Monday. Unfortunately today I way pigged out at lunch, but I don’t think I did too bad since I had fajitas. I’ll do my calorie count and see where I ended. 6 pounds (218) crept back on from not eating right and not exercising. SO…you know what that means…get my butt in gear. I want to get below 200 by the end of summer. Time to step on it!

Asheville Farmer’s Market

Who doesn’t like a good Farmer’s Market?! All of the fresh food and crafty goodness pouring out of the vendor’s area.

Doesn’t that homemade honey make your mouth water?! What about these beans?

Or other jarred goodness…

Not in the mood for food? Then step on over to the crafty area!

They have home decorations and wall hangings.

They even have musical instruments!

Still not finding what you want? Then hop over to the Nursery area.

You can grab some bird seed for your feathery friends…



Or some perrrty flowers…


They even have some exotic plants. I’m not sure what this one’s called, but it looks like a Hippo eating cabbage.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, try to buy local. It’s important to support our local vendors/businesses. Plus, the food is fresher!

Other exciting news!!

I just found out that a new farmer’s market just opened up close to our home! It opened in October of last year. More exciting is that there’s a farm/ranch that sells grass fed beef, chicken, eggs, and lamb at this farmer’s market!  I can’t wait to check them out.

Photo from apartmenttherapy.com