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Poor Planning

I apologize for not having my post done for today. This past week I was on vacation and didn’t get back in until late last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a post ready to go for Monday because I thought I’d have plenty of time. HAHAHA…right.

This past week my family and I went to Holden Beach, NC for some sandy fun.

The weather was in the high 80’s for the most part (hit 90+ only twice) and windy. The wind kept things feeling much cooler. My favorite spot was the back patio that overlooked the ocean. I did a lot of reading:

Some writing on my WIP:

a little antiquing where you never knew what you’d find! I think he’d make a great character:

and, last but definitely not least, I did a tone of eating! I celebrated my Dad’s birthday as well as my Hubster’s even though he wasn’t there!

Had a great time, now it’s back to the real world!