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Fran Visits Again

The last time I did Fran, I finished in 13:13. Of course, I was also having breathing issues but I’m still glad at my improvement this go ’round.

21, 15, 9 repetitions:
* 95/65 lb thrusters (65#)
* Pull-ups (green band)
Finished in 9:52


1) Last time I used 65#s then had to drop down to 45#s, was able to use 65#s for the entire WOD.

2) I used a black band last time, used the green band the entire time today!

It was tough, but I felt good! Of course, I ripped my hand open again. Fun times! I was able to do 11 thrusters in a row without stopping. I have days when I feel like I’m not progressing, in fact like I’m going backward, but today I felt like I was stronger.

How was your workout?

Tuesday Night Fight

We did the WOD “Fran” today in CrossFit. I think any workout named like a hurricane is just that. It comes in quick and hits you hard! The warm-up was a short jog (which I’m still very slow), quite a few stretches to stretch out the hips, and handstand holds. I still had to do the A frame hold (hands on poles and feet on a box so most of the weight is on my hands) since I’m not capable of the handstand just yet. Although, I did notice that my body was wanting to do a summer sault, so I’m pretty sure I was putting quite a bit of weight on my hands…a step in the right direction!

Then we did thrusters (a squat with an overhead thrust of the bar, 35#) and pull-ups. Again, I modified this to be ring rows because there is no way that band is going to get my large tush up! First round was 21 of each, then 15, and last 9. This was done for time. I finished in 8:05.  I was really struggling with the thrusters starting on the 15 round. Shane asked how I was feeling. I couldn’t answer. He then asked if I “Felt like shit” to which I shook my head yes. “Good” he said and walked off. So, I guess I was doing something right! I don’t think I was doing the ring rows right…I think I need to put my feet closer to the front.

One of these days, this will be me! Hahaha…ok, maybe not that cut.

We’ll see what Thursday brings!