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Poor Planning

I apologize for not having my post done for today. This past week I was on vacation and didn’t get back in until late last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a post ready to go for Monday because I thought I’d have plenty of time. HAHAHA…right.

This past week my family and I went to Holden Beach, NC for some sandy fun.

The weather was in the high 80’s for the most part (hit 90+ only twice) and windy. The wind kept things feeling much cooler. My favorite spot was the back patio that overlooked the ocean. I did a lot of reading:

Some writing on my WIP:

a little antiquing where you never knew what you’d find! I think he’d make a great character:

and, last but definitely not least, I did a tone of eating! I celebrated my Dad’s birthday as well as my Hubster’s even though he wasn’t there!

Had a great time, now it’s back to the real world!


Happy Birthday to Me!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Hubster? He is one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of being part of my life. I take after my Mom in that I tend to be a bit frugal when it comes to certain things. One of those things is sewing machines. I’ve been drooling over a new sewing machine for years but just couldn’t pull the trigger because of the pricing. This is where Mike steps in. He went behind my back to talk to my Aunt Linda to find out which sewing machine I’ve been wanting. She helped him by getting pricing and details. AND…they did all of this without me catching on. Pretty good! Friday I left work early to pick up my present! The store had just sold their last one, so they called one of their other stores and had them hold it for Mike to pick up on Saturday morning.

They had an outstanding financing plan, so I don’t feel so bad about the price. I asked Mike why he decided to get this particular gift and he said it was because he knew I wouldn’t pay that much for it myself…so he did it for me.

The Artista 640E comes with the embroidery unit. I’ve never done any embroidering, so this should be something fun to dabble in. It also comes with this cool little case for all your extra feet, bobbins, etc.

I pulled the machine out and plug it in to begin playing!

There was one slight problem though. The machine wasn’t feeding the fabric through. The feed dogs kept going up and down, but not front to back like they should. I was quite upset because I was ready to rock! I looked in the manual, but there wasn’t anything in there for troubleshooting that particular problem. Mike kept saying it had to be a setting somewhere, but there wasn’t anything in the manual or on the CD that came with it. So, I hopped onto Google and did some searching. Suprisingly, there isn’t very much help out there for my issue. I threw my hands up and decided I was just going to have to take it back to the store. I’m not a sewing guru, but I’m not an idiot either; However, I was having no luck figuring out the issue.

An hour later Mike asked if you could take the plate off and maybe get a better look. With a glimmer of hope I went back into my sewing room and took of the plate. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else to see. I put the plate back on and decided to try it one more time. This time IT WORKED!! I guess the issue was the plate not being on there just right and it was hampering the way the feed dogs moved. After all of that, I didn’t have time to do any sewing, but I went to bed a happy woman.

Today I sewed together my first block using the new sewing machine. It was outstanding!

The sewing experience, not the block! I was able to adjust the speed very easily. My other sewing machine was a White Jeans Machine and had a touchy foot pedal that caused the needle to take off when I just wanted to start slowly. I’m also loving the needle down setting. Unfortunately, my husband forgot to get the BSR when he picked up the sewing machine so I haven’t had a chance to play with that yet, but I have no doubt I’ll love that too!

Martinis and More

My husband and I enjoy going out for drinks every once in a while as a “date night”. We enjoy trying new drinks and what better way to do that than by going to a martini bar?!

One of the places we like going to the most is Martinis & More in the Woodlands, Tx.

We normally get there early to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. It’s a relatively small place, but that makes it cozier in my opinion! I love all of the artwork on their walls as well. It’s like drinking in an art gallery!

The last time we went, they had martini flights where you could choose 3 different martinis for a set price (I think it was $15, but don’t quote me on that). These aren’t the full size martinis, but they’re big enough to know whether you’d want to order another or not!

Mike likes the drier martinis like the Top Flight with Blue Cheese stuffed Olives. They stuffed the olives at the bar, and according to him they were quite good.

Personally, I like the fruitier versions! Although I did love the Jalapeño stuffed olives (see above)! We have never been there during their busy times or when live music has been there, so I can’t speak for the experience during those points. However, I have enjoyed every visit we’ve made there. The bar tending staff have always been professional and down to Earth.

Moleskine Love

Ok…I’m a journal addict. I won’t lie. I have several journals at home with all sorts of stuff in them. No real rhyme or reason…just lists or thoughts…or even blank.  Just recently I was introduced to Moleskine and instantly fell in love. They’re thin…and come in all varieties…what’s not to love?!

Well, now…I find out that you can make templates to place in your own moleskine.

Not only that…but you can import just about any blog posting into a template to print out for your notebook. It appears it only lets you print 1 photo if there are multiple in the post…just an FYI.

OMG…..my mind boggles at all of the possibilities. Going on a trip? Why not print out some maps, blog posts of must do’s for the destination city, or even some common translations if you’re going out of the country? You can also have room to journal your trip so the entire notebook is full of memories!

Or, if you have a hobby, create your own book of how tos specific to your likes! They also have templates for their “Passions” journals. So, keep track of your favorite books, movies, music, or your diet and fitness!