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Football and Blocks

Last night was a rough night with Mike getting sick. I’m hoping this was just a one time bug similar to what I had a few months ago. He’s still feeling a little worse for wear, but hasn’t been sick again! He’s achy too, but part of that has to be from his 10 mile race yesterday.

He always spends Sunday’s watching football all day once we get home from church. I enjoof watching some teams but not all! He always has 3 tvs and a laptop running so he can keep up with all of them.

Today, I decided to set up my sewing machine in the front room so I could sew while he’s cheering his team on.


This particular quilt is hard to get the blocks all lined up just right. There were about 14 different people who helped make some of the blocks so there is a lot of room for error! I was able to get 1/2 of the top put together. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the entire top done before the IQF so I can find a decent fabric for the backing.



All in all I’m happy with how it looks, however it’s going to be a bear to quilt as there seems to be some warping.

Quilting Gnomes and I’m an Idiot

It’s getting close to the weekend…what does that mean? That means I can finally get back to making Dakota’s new quilt so I can hopefully have it done by Christmas this year (outlook not looking so good at this point in time!). When I went to visit with them last time I asked him if he’d want a new quilt because HE brought up his old one. So, now that I think he’s at an age where he can appreciate it and not make me cry by throwing it over the couch and looking for toys, I figured it’s time to get him a proper quilt!

Unfortunately, I’ve been very slow to get this puppy done. My online quilting bee helped make some of the blocks. Which was a time saver for me! I then scheduled a WIP date with my Aunt so she could help me finish up the blocks (only needed 24 more). It’s always more fun when you can visit with friends while sewing anyway! We finished all of the blocks on 8/17 and I put them away in a Ziploc bag.

Today, yes a whole 2 months later, I’m finally getting around to laying the blocks out so I can get it put together. I don’t want too many of the same type of blocks together so I wanted to lay it all out on the floor and re-arrange them as needed. Since I have more room (and less dog hair!) at work, I brought the bag with me this morning and set to work!

You notice anything wrong? Yep, I’m missing a block! Apparently the Quilting Gnomes were tired of my slow progress and decided to punish me by making me do extra work.

I went ahead and labeled them all since I was pretty happy with the layout, I’ll just have to make a new block to plug in there.

I folded my quilt blocks up and shoved them back in the Ziploc bag fuming that I have to make another block instead of just whipping these together. Sat down at my desk to write this post when I noticed something. I’m an idiot. Yep, I’m a full blown idiot. Let’s look at this post again…. Shoot, I’ll make it easier for you:

I was using a 7×7 (49 block) layout this morning when I should have been using an 8×6 (48 block) layout. *headsmack* Now, it’s back to the drawing board and I have to spend another hour getting the layout right…again. While I feel like a schlub, I’m glad that the mystery of the missing block has been solved and I apologize to any quilt gnomes I may have offended by my accusations.

One WIP Almost Done!

I spent quite a bit of the evening yesterday cutting up 300 2″ squares to get ready for today’s sewing extravaganza!

Thankfully, all we had to do today was sew, sew, sew.  I arrived at my Aunt Linda’s house at 9:15 and we didn’t finish sewing the blocks until 5:00pm. We did take a little over an hour for lunch, but still it was a packed day!

We tried to make sure we had a different color wave in each unit (4 individual squares to make a block). That got a little tedious after a bit because some of the squares could only be turned one direction, where some of them could go whichever direction.

After cutting all of those small green squares I thought we’d have plenty left over in case we goofed something up. However, we ended up using ALL of the green squares and almost didn’t have enough individual charm squares to complete the quilt top! We weren’t able to sew the quilt top together, but all of the blocks are done and ready to be arranged and quilted! I’m so excited to see this quilt coming together!

3 out of 4 Hugs done

So, I guess I sew faster in my head than I do in real life! I got three of the hugs done (Grandma’s, Aunt Sharon’s, Jenni’s). I didn’t get Aunt Sherri’s done though. Let’s take a look at the ones I did finish.

The first one I completed was for Jenni. Let me give you a run down of the lineage first, I guess. My Aunt Gertrude was my Grandma’s sister. Aunt Sharon is Grandma’s Daughter and Jenni is Aunt Sharon’s Daughter. Y’all still with me? Good! Ok, so here was the front side of Jenni’s Hug.

Here’s the back:

I still had to cut the edges so they’d fray in the washer and dryer. Jenni is the heart lover, so I made sure I used most of the red heart fabric on her Hug. I also wanted Aunt Sharon’s scarf to be similar to Jenni’s. They both are heavily involved in the Houston Rodeo and most of the people in that circle refer to them as Junior and Senior. It made sense that Senior’s Hug would somehow mimic Junior’s Hug; However, it needed to be unique as well. I took some of the blocks that were left over from Jenni’s Hug and used them with some gray blocks for Aunt Sharon’s Hug.

Last was Grandma’s Hug. I decided to make her clean and smooth. I made it a little thinner as the others as well so she could use it as a belt as well if she pleased. I just alternated the different fabrics for hers. I loved how it turned out.

I was supposed to be at the Christmas party today at 1, but I had just finished clipping Aunt Sharon’s scarf and dropped all 3 into the washer at 1. I was a little late getting there, but I was pleased with how the Hugs turned out:

From left to right: Aunt Sharon’s, Jenni’s, Grandma’s Hugs.

Once they had finished the gift exchange at the party, I gathered all four of them into the dining room. Aunt Sherri was there so she could hear the story. I wanted to her to be aware of the story so when she received her’s she would know what it was. I explained how Kenny and I had some differences an ultimately agreed to disagree. They all loved them and wore them to rest of the party. Or, at least while I was still there! Below is the picture of Grandma (love how it matched her shirt), Jenni (AKA Junior), Me, and Aunt Sharon (AKA Senior).

I love these ladies!

Merry Christmas All!



I decided to make some hugs for my Grandma, Aunt, and Cousins. Hugs are just what I’m calling these scarves. This is the first Christmas since my Aunt Gertrude passed away (my Grandma’s sister) so I know this is going to be a difficult time for them. Aunt Sharon gave me Aunt Gertrude’s old sewing machine when she passed away. So, I’m making these “hugs” on her sewing machine. It’s just a way for Aunt Gertrude to be there for them.

So, meet Kenny!

This machine is so much quieter than my “Jeans Machine”. It hardly shook the table too when I had it up to high speed sewing. It is a definite pleasure using Kenny to sew.

I decided to go with grays, blacks, and a red for my color combination. I know my cousin Jenni loves hearts, so of course, I had to make sure I had hearts!

To be honest, I’m somewhat playing this by ear. I’m using what I learned from Michelle’s scarf but also doing impromptu designing! I like what I have for the first hug. I still have three more to figure out, but we’ll deal with that tomorrow. I cut some rectangles and set to work putting them together.

Time for more chain stitching!!

They have been pressed and ironed. I also set them up in the design I believe I’m going to use. The picture show two rows, but really there will be only one row for this hug. I just didn’t have room on the ironing board to put it in one line. What do you think so far?!

Now, I need to finish sewing this one together and figure out the next three. They need to be done by Christmas day! Yeah, I know…but I didn’t think of it until the other one turned out ok. I’ll post the finished ones!