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E-Book Pricing

Let’s talk a little bit about e-book pricing. It’s starting to get a little ridiculous and apparently I’m not the only one thinking this way. There appears to be a conspiracy lawsuit involving Apple and the big publishers. As you may, or may not remember, Amazon was pricing e-books at $9.99 or less prior to 2010 and held most of the e-book market thanks to their Kindle. The claim is, because Apple wanted to join the e-book market with iBooks and squash Amazon and their little Kindle too in the process, they worked with publishers to set the prices of their e-books to a price comparable to a physical book.

A personal petpeeve of mine, Apple made all competitive e-reader apps remove their stores. So, if you’re using the Nook, Kindle, or Kobo apps you can’t buy a book from within the app anymore. You have to go to their website. However, in Apple’s iBook app you can access their store with no problems. For that reason alone I refuse to spend my money at iBooks and continue to purchase from Amazon.

I’m also forming my own protest by not buying any e-book that’s the same price as the hardback. Really? There are less resources being used for e-books yet you want to charge me the same price? So, I play the waiting game and if they lower the price then I’ll buy it.

Just a quick update, it looks as though some publishers will be settling but Macmillan is set to go to court.

What about you? Do you think e-books are worth what the publishers are charging?