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Memories in Glass

My Aunt recently came across a great picture of my grandparents when they were very young.

I LOVE this picture but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. I thought it would be nice to have it put into a pendant for my Mother, Aunt, and myself. But most of the pendants I saw were $35+ dollars and I couldn’t really afford to spend that much. Finally, I was reading another crafty blog Little Birdie Secrets and they mentioned Lilylane. Lilylane makes pendants similar to what I was looking at for only $12 each or $14 (for pictures on both sides). I was sold!! They don’t use sterling silver, but rather solder the glass together (think stained glass). The solder they use is 100% lead free and is perfectly safe to wear.

I decided to do the $12 route with their photo on the front and an old Swedish Proverb on the back (My Grandfather was from Sweden). The ordering process was very simple and the person I dealt with, Sarah, was extremely helpful. My total bill was $39…that’s it! For 3 pendants and shipping….$39. I was thrilled.

Today, the pendants made their way to me and I was too excited to see how they turned out.

What do you think?! Yeah, me too…I absolutely LOVE them! I can’t wait to give them to my favorite ladies and see their faces. FYI…the blurriness is from taking the picture with my cellphone instead of a real camera…the pendants are not blurry!

Happy Friday Everybody!!

A New Toy!

I’ve wasted the past hour not surfing the net, but creating multiple picture quilt patterns. Yes, that’s right…multiple! Ok, no I’m not that good I just happened to find THIS thanks to Karyn at Make Something! The Patchwork: Pattern Maker has been so much fun.

While it says these patterns for making quilts (which is what I would do with them) they could possibly be used for cross stitch or some other needlepoint project.

I decided to try it out first with Mr. Mosquito:

I then selected the 20 color option and advanced pattern complexity:

I like it! Of course, I played with several other pictures as well. I’ve noticed I had the best results with a light background. When my background was close in color to the subject it all just blended together. I hope y’all enjoy!!

Beginning my Quilting/Idea Rolodex

Well, I’ve decided to do it. I’m starting my own quilting/idea rolodex. First thing first, I had to get a rolodex. I thought we may have a few sitting around the office since no one uses them anymore, but we didn’t. I had the choice of pink or blue. I decided to go with blue.

I also found this cute punch while I was shopping for a rolodex! Had to throw it in there.

I started with the tab card for my Works In Progress.

Here is my first card (and only right now until I get smaller prints of my other pictures) of one of my WIPs.

I then moved on to my Finished Projects tab card.

Notice my little frog punch outs I strategically placed on the last two cards?! 🙂 I need to pick up a punch for the bottom of the cards. I’ve just been gluing the paper to the rolodex card then trying to cut the paper out using the original holes as a template. However, my scissors are doing a messy job.

Here is one of my completed project cards. This was Mom’s Moose quilt I made a couple of years ago.

I am going to punch some holes on the sides and use some of the scraps of fabric from the quilt and tie them through those holes. I’ll add more pictures when I do that. At this time I’m just trying to get it started. I also plan on writing the person the quilt was for, what it was for, and when it was completed on the back.

I’m also going to have several other tab cards including Sewing Want Lists, Do This, Did This, and Wanna Try This. The Wanna Try This list is going to be small pictures of patterns I have so I can flip through those instead of dragging out the huge binder! I have a long way to go with this, but I’m really enjoying it! Of course, I’ll keep y’all up to date as well!

Idea Rolodex…

I have to say, I love the idea of being organized…and I try, but I usually fail miserably. I keep projects that I’d like to do in a big binder, but I rarely go back through them and see what I have. It appears the problem may be information overload. I think I’ve found my solution.

An Idea Rolodex. Carrie B., I like the way you think! If I can get small print outs of the projects that I have in the binder, then I can just flip through the rolodex to see which one I want! How cool is that! It’s like tiny scrapbook pages…I could easily do several of these on my short attention span!

I also love these rolodex found paper inserts.




Okay, the craft gears are turning! What do y’all think?