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Feelin’ Stronger

Today was a CrossFit day, as most Tuesdays and Thursdays are. This Tuesday started off quite bad. I got news that my Grandfather passed then literally 2 minutes after I got off the phone with my Dad we had a flat tire on a very busy intersection of two major freeways. EEEKK….That flat tire ended up costing quite a bit of money. We had to replace the rim, even though we didn’t drive long on it, and get 4 new tires.

I was looking forward to tonight’s workout. As I had mentioned before, it’s a great way to focus the mind. Today’s workout started with  muscle up practice again. Oh, and we had two new people visiting for their first workout (Leighann and AJ). After the muscle ups we did a quick 200 meter run. The WOD was 4 rounds for time (as fast as possible) of: 10 wall climbs, 10 pull ups (jumping), and 20 box jumps (step ups). My first question was “What are wall climbs?” Well, they were exactly like they sound. You start in a push up form then walk your feet up the wall while walking your arms back so your body is as close to up and down as possible, then walk back out. That’s 1! Normally, I do modified hand stands so Shane assumed I’d do the modified version as well, but I wanted to try it. I got up there pretty good, but not straight up and down. I was only able to get my feet up high, but not walk my hands back. Shane asked what I thought so I told him I was going to do it.

Source: Adrenalin Productions

It was tough. I was huffing and puffing through the whole thing. The wall climbs were tough and by rounds 3 and 4 it was getting really hard to get back up there. My quads were killing me. But, I pushed through and knocked out all 4 rounds in 15:00 minutes (3.75 minutes a round). I was happy of my time. Tonight, I actually felt stronger. I think next time I will try to do the actual box jumps instead of step ups.

The new people did the first round then stopped. Shane said “Um..y’all still have 3 more rounds.” To which they were aghast! However, they both did a good job pushing through it. After everyone was done, we did a Tabata round of squats. The first 2 rounds I got 11 squats in, the 3-5th round I got 9, then the last round I tried to get back to 11 but ended up with 10. My legs were trashed after the previous 4 rounds and the Tabata squats. I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! I hope the new couple come back, but I don’t think the guy was too enthused with the experience. In fact, he pretty much stopped doing the squats after the first four rounds.

Alen did a great job. He really pushed through and gave it his all. He is such a beast on all of these workouts.

After the workout, I had some strawberries and blueberries on the way home then some chicken sausage for dinner. I ended up with 1500 calories which is great!

Four Mile Day

My Dad came to stay with us Friday night for the weekend. He left about 5:30 this morning to get back to the hospital for a meeting with Grandpa’s doctors. Saturday we went to Tamarac Park for a workout. This Saturday my training schedule called for a 4 mile walk/run. We had a great time! The weather was about 57 degrees, which is almost perfect. We ended up going 5 miles in about 1:15. Our average pace was 15:43 and our fastest pace was 10:34..woohoo!!! I think if I keep going at this pace I’ll be able to finish the 1/2 marathon in under 4 hours, so that is now my goal. Since “under 4 hours” is rather broad we’ll make it to finish in 3:45!

After our workout we went to eat at Carraba’s. Carraba’s is not Paleo friendly but I was able to make some requests and modifications to make it work. I was also able to go say hi to my friend Amanda at James Avery. It was good to see her again. Finally, we went to my Uncle Eric’s house to visit with him and his family for a while. So, we had a full day. I always enjoy spending time with my Dad. Since they moved to NC I don’t get to see them very often. Right now Mom is snowed into their house up there. I will be more than happy to let her keep the snow!

Fight Gone Bad

ouufff….tonight was a little tough. It’s called “Fight Gone Bad”. Why? Well….because an MMA athlete said that’s what it felt like afterward. For a look at the workout and to get the full explanation of the name check out this video.

Our’s was slightly modified. We don’t have a rowing machine (which I love using…my favorite equipment at my other gym) so we replaced the rowing with a 200 meter run. The girls used an 8lb medicine ball and a 35# bar for the deadlifts and push presses. I also had to do step ups because I can’t do box jumps yet. Plus, we had a 2 minute rest. So…what was my score? 182 (doesn’t include any points for the run).

Here’s the breakdown:

Box Jumps (Step Ups) 21, 16, 15 for a total of 52

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (35#) 22, 19, 19 for a total of 60

Wall Ball (8#) 11, 11, 10 for a total of 32

PushPress (35#) 16, 10, 12 for a total of 38

Yes….it was tough and I’m pretty sure my arms are going to be hurting tomorrow and Saturday!

For dinner tonight, I had some nitrate free Fajita Chicken Sausage and roasted green beans. YUMMMM. The sausage was a little scary looking (very white) but it tasted great. I made myself eat the whole thing even though I’m hardly ever hungry after CrossFit. My total calorie count for today was 1341…much better than previous days!

WOD’s Goin’ On?

You know…the hardest thing about blogging is coming up with the damn titles! Sometimes I just choose random titles but usually I try to make it relevant to the post itself. Take this one for instance…WOD…Workout of the Day. Since it was a CrossFit day, it fits. Clever huh? huh? yeah, ok, so it was a bad play on words. Anyway….moving on!

We started today’s CrossFit a tabata round of weighted sit-ups. Toward the end I was only able to go 1/2 way up. Shane asked us if we wanted to do abs before or after the WOD. He didn’t care, we were going to do them either way! Michelle and I both agreed it would be best to do them first because afterward we’d be too gassed to do them properly. Have I mentioned how much I don’t like sit-ups? Well…I don’t but they do work your core.

The WOD was 3 rounds of running 400 meters, 30 OH squats (I used the 35# bar), and 21 pull ups. Since I can’t do a pull up yet I just do jumping pull ups, which is still work. I’m a very slow runner. In fact, I’m more of a walker than a runner. Shane felt we should be able to finish in 15-16 minutes. Pppffftttt…right! The first run wasn’t too bad. The OH squats right after the run was a little tough because I was breathing so hard, which affected my hold on the bar overhead. The second run was quite a bit slower. It was a bit drizzly but felt pretty good because it was cool. When I was coming in from my second run Shane told me that I could modify the run if I needed to because he just wanted me to be able to finish the entire WOD. I just nodded my ok while thinking “Like hell I’m going to modify the run. I will finish the WOD. I will finish the WOD.” That became my mantra for the last round. I think I was more waddling than running that last round, but I finished the run and the entire WOD in 21:53. Needless to say I wasn’t close to his 15-16 minute estimate! None of us finished in less than 19 minutes. However, I’m proud of all of us. I think we have all improved. I know my first workout put me out of commission for a week. I was so tired afterward that I would have been happy for someone to carry me to my car and was sore for days! AND….that was only 5 rounds of 15 OH squats (I used a dow…so no weight) and a 100 meter run. It’s amazing what a different a month can make.

On the de-cluttering front, I am getting rid of an address book my old boss brought me back from her trip to Paris. I have all my contacts on my phone, which is backed up to my computer, so I don’t think I need it anymore. In the trash it went!

Update on my Grandfather: They moved him to an acute longterm hospital tonight. The nurse attached an EKG machine to him, then proceeded to push the cart away while he was still hooked up to it. I’m hoping that was just a mistake and not a sign of the care he’ll be getting. They are keeping him sedated because he isn’t “doing well” when he’s off sedation. Whatever that means. They told my Dad and Grandma that they will be trying to get him off the respirator over the next 5 days; However if they are not able to get him off the respirator then the family will need to make a decision on what to do. His kidneys are still only functioning at 40% as well. It has been such a roller coaster. I thought he might actually pull through this, being the stubborn old goat he is, but now I’m not sure. So, we play the waiting game again.

The Hamster Wheel

Tonight’s workout was the typical walk 4 mins/run 1 minute. I ended up going a little over 2 miles in 36 minutes. Told ya I wasn’t fast! Since we get home so late and don’t really have a good place to workout around the house, I always use the treadmill in our garage. Sometimes I think it might be more interesting if we had a big wheel like hamsters do. You could really get some speed going…and if you fell, you’d get a bit of a roller coaster ride too!

I felt pretty good. I didn’t get any shin splints this go ’round, but I could feel my lower shin (left leg) just by the ankle start to get a little tight at points. Nothing that a little stretching afterward couldn’t help! Today starts my second week eating Paleo style as well. The first week went alright. I was craving the carbs, but once I got the refined sugars and flour out of my system it got better. I asked Shane what I should eat after an intense workout like CrossFit and he said “Don’t eat a salad since that’s made up of mainly water. Eat some good, hearty vegetables. And don’t just eat a chicken breast, eat a whole chicken!”. In other words, get a good meal in. I’ve also been reading (in The Paleo Diet for Athletes) that it’s important to eat a majority of your higher Glycemic Load fruits and veggies after a workout because your body will use them more efficiently and can use them to replace any lost glycogen stores lost during the workout (If I remember that correctly).

So, for dinner tonight I had some berries (blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries), a chicken breast and some asparagus.  I was quite stuffed afterward. I’ve gotten to where I just don’t have much room for food after I workout. I’m also finding that my calories are much lower now that I’m going Paleo, but I’m ok with that for now. I’ll be interested to see any changes in my stamina, attitude, and physique after a month of eating this way.