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Another benchmark test today. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done this one before so I don’t have much to compare it to. The last time I did Ground to Overheads I had alternated between the 35# bar and 45# bar. So, just looking at the previous workout I think I’ve improved.

We started with some new squats Shane wanted to try out. I have no clue what they’re called so I’ll just refer to them as Kettlebell Weighted Squats. It looked something like the picture below, but with the resistance band looped through the handle of the kettlebells.

source: fitstream.com

The point is to make your body work harder by having to stabilize the weight while you’re squatting. We did a 25# kettlebell on each side first (5 reps), then 35# kettlebells, and last was 5 reps with normal 25# plates. It was extremely odd and somewhat difficult to walk with the weights swinging around but I kinda liked them!

The WOD was “Grace”: 30 Ground to Overhead for time. Prescribed weight is 95# but there’s no way I can do that much weight. I did 55#, which was more than last time. It started getting tougher at the end. My time was 5:32. Not bad, but not great either. Jennifer finished in 3:40 or something around there. She has more upper body strength than I do! Tonight’s workout was just the two of us.

After the workout we did 70 Floor Sweepers. For those of you that don’t know what those are, you’re holding a 45# bar over your shoulders (laying on the ground) and then lift your legs at an angle up to the bar, lower them, then lift them to the other side.  I wasn’t able to do them with completely straight legs, but I got them done. My abs are going to be very sore tomorrow.

I tried the kipping pull up some when I got there, but alas…I couldn’t do 1. I was using the green band. Maybe I just need to work on the technique as opposed to going back to the black band. Not sure. Shane asked me how my diet was going and whether I was staying away from the bread. He also asked if I was taking any vitamins. My guess is he noticed how quickly I tire out and wants me to do something to up my energy. I told him my biggest problem is my tracheal stenosis where I just can’t breathe. He recommended I try Spirulina for some vitamins, so I’ll try out some vitamins (which I know I need anyway) and see if that helps with my workouts at all.