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E-Book Pricing

Let’s talk a little bit about e-book pricing. It’s starting to get a little ridiculous and apparently I’m not the only one thinking this way. There appears to be a conspiracy lawsuit involving Apple and the big publishers. As you may, or may not remember, Amazon was pricing e-books at $9.99 or less prior to 2010 and held most of the e-book market thanks to their Kindle. The claim is, because Apple wanted to join the e-book market with iBooks and squash Amazon and their little Kindle too in the process, they worked with publishers to set the prices of their e-books to a price comparable to a physical book.

A personal petpeeve of mine, Apple made all competitive e-reader apps remove their stores. So, if you’re using the Nook, Kindle, or Kobo apps you can’t buy a book from within the app anymore. You have to go to their website. However, in Apple’s iBook app you can access their store with no problems. For that reason alone I refuse to spend my money at iBooks and continue to purchase from Amazon.

I’m also forming my own protest by not buying any e-book that’s the same price as the hardback. Really? There are less resources being used for e-books yet you want to charge me the same price? So, I play the waiting game and if they lower the price then I’ll buy it.

Just a quick update, it looks as though some publishers will be settling but Macmillan is set to go to court.

What about you? Do you think e-books are worth what the publishers are charging?

Go Go Gadget Girl

I’m a gadget fiend…I’ll admit it. It all started with my Sony E-Reader. Then, my husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday a few years ago. Next up was my iPhone and then a netbook. I’ve also owned several Garmin watches….anyway…you get the point. Well, I went and did it again this weekend.

Oh, well hello Walt!

I went to Barnes and Noble last week during lunch and saw the Nook Touch. My hands started itching and my mind reeling…it really wanted to go home with me. However, I was able to resist, that day. After doing some research on the lovely little device I found out you could root it and be able to get android apps to work. Now, I’m not exactly sure what rooting means other than you’re opening up hidden files that B&N really didn’t want you messing with (and voids your warranty). Of course, you may be asking “Why on Earth would you want to run Android apps on an e-ink screen? It’s not like you can play angry birds.” Well, actually you can. It’s just not very pretty. I digress…no, I don’t want to play games. I want the Kindle app! How awesome would it be to have my Kindle books and Nook books all on one e-ink device?!

Pretty friggen cool! I have an Ipad (did I forget to mention that?) where I can access all of my books but I don’t like to read on the backlit screen. I find the font isn’t as crisp and it bothers me after a while. Most of the time I prefer to read ebooks on my Kindle. Of course, I told myself I needed to have this little lovely before my vacation. Whatever I need to say to justify it, right? Right?

While it looks quite a bit smaller than my Kindle, the screen is actually the same size. Take away the keyboard and it really changes the look. My husband made the comment that I’ve had every e-reader ever made now. Well, that’s simply not true! However, I think I’m set for quite a while.

What type of e-reader do you use? Do you prefer e-ink or is the backlit screen your favorite? Let me know!


The Kindle 2 Cover Has Arrived!

It finally came! Not that it took a long time, but I was overly anxious for it to get here! The box it came in was a little crushed. UPS didn’t take care of it too well, but not to worry the cover was well wrapped and undamaged.

Upon opening the box, the first thing I saw was a key charm that was the same design as my cover. Very nice!

I unwrapped the brown paper and lo and behold…dum dum dum….there it was. The first thing that hit me was the smell of leather. I’m not sure why, but I was surprised to smell it so well. Most items that say they’re leather don’t normally smell like that. I guess they’re more processed. However, this cover is full grain leather and extremely well made.
This green is a little brighter than the actual green, or “fern” color of the cover. But the work is well done. The stitching is even and the edges are clean. The other pleasant surprise was the fact that the corner edges holding the Kindle were actually leather too. I had in my head they’d be cloth or maybe heavy duty elastic, but nope..they’re leather. My Kindle is in there nice and strong. I don’t have to worry about it falling out.
The only part that’s elastic is the right top corner and the cover closure. I love how the elastic wraps around the well made button to hold it together. It looks like a journal or a book. LOVE IT. What’s the best part? Well, It’s hard to pick just one. It’s extremely well made, durable, secure and probably best of all:
Thanks for the great work Oberon Design!

Kindle Cover

Ok, so since I’ve received my Kindle I’ve read several books:
A Christmas Bus
An Echo in the Darkenss
Voice in the Wind
and I’m finishing up As Sure as the Dawn

I’ve enjoyed every single book I’ve read on this lovely little piece of Heaven! However, when I’m using the Kindle, I’m always afraid I’m going to drop it and destroy my happiness. How do I fix this problem? Easy, order a cover. I’ve looked and looked for a cover and they all look the same. BORING. That was until I found Oberon Design! I’ve always liked their journals, though I didn’t know the name of the company until I saw their site. They have created several leather journals for all of the e-readers, including the not yet available Barnes and Noble Nook. Now I’m faced with yet another challenge. Which one do I choose? I loved most all of them. I spent a month, literally, trying to figure out which cover I wanted to order. Afterall, the covers are $75 so I can’t buy multiples! I’m NOT griping about the price. These covers are full grain leather, hand-crafted, and made in the USA. So, I’ll gladly pay what they ask. Afterall for $45 I can get a cheap leather cover made in China. Isn’t it worth the extra $30 to support our Nation?! I know I know…on to the important stuff. Which one did I choose?


That’s right. I ordered the Redwood Forest. Isn’t that gorgeous?! I’ll take my own picture once it comes in. This one was borrowed from Oberon Design’s website, I hope they don’t mind. I am so STOKED right now! But, I have to get it under control and be patient for another week until it comes in.