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Another Distance PR!

Since starting my marathon training, I’ve put in more miles than ever. Right now, I’m to the part of my training where my long runs are over 12 miles. Since I’ve only ever gone 13.1, today’s 14 miler was a little intimidating. However, I forced myself to get out of bed by 6:30 this morning to get my run in.





It was pretty, but I got it done. When I started I decided I was just going to walk the whole thing. Then I decided that I didn’t want to go 14 miles, so I’d only go 6 and call it good. Finally, I compromised with myself and did the entire 14 miles but switched my intervals so I was walking 3 minutes and running 2. I’m glad I did too. The very last mile was a tough one to push through. But, I did it….I made it 14 miles! Only 1 problem…I was still about 2.5 miles away from where I parked my car when I hit my 14 miles…yep…way to plan Tammy!



Since my feet were hurting and my knee was acting up, I decided to walk a slow/casual pace. Yep…it was slow alright! I finally got back to my car and laid in the backseat so I could prop my feet up for a bit to get the swelling to go down. That felt great! I ended up getting blisters between my big toe and the next one over. I don’t know….I don’t know how I got it either! I stopped by HEB for my chocolate milk (my Saturday treat) and picked up some double stuff Oreos. Just a word of advice, don’t do 16.75 miles on an empty stomach. I’m sure I don’t need to tell y’all that…but thought I’d pass it on anyway. Thankfully, I was able to eat only a few and close the bag back up. I could have easily scarfed down the entire package!


Once I got home, I took my ice bath, doctored my blisters, and put  my feet up on the coach. It feels good to be back home.