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A Little Bit Of Grandma

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time at my Grandma’s house in Houston, Tx. She had her own little garden where we would pick blackberries to freeze for later while eating all we could! We would also use those blackberries for dessert the entire time I stayed with her. Nothing quite like taking frozen blackberries and putting them in milk with sugar!

She also had a loquat tree on the end of her property. This fruit was sweet and unique. I don’t think I had seen them anywhere else but at her house. The seeds were a beautiful golden brown and looked like beads.

Unfortunately, my Grandma has had some health issues lately and has had to sell her house. My Uncle was able to get about 20 seeds from her loquat tree for me, which I tried to plant to start my own tree. Some of these seeds were still in their hulls, some had the hulls removed. They have been planted in a pot for about a month and figured they were all but duds. But guess what!

That’s right…I have a sprout! I planted 8-10 seeds and this is the first sprout I’ve seen. It seemed to just shoot up overnight. I am so excited and hope that it continues to grow into my own tree, then I’ll have a little bit of Grandma with me at home.