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One WIP Almost Done!

I spent quite a bit of the evening yesterday cutting up 300 2″ squares to get ready for today’s sewing extravaganza!

Thankfully, all we had to do today was sew, sew, sew.  I arrived at my Aunt Linda’s house at 9:15 and we didn’t finish sewing the blocks until 5:00pm. We did take a little over an hour for lunch, but still it was a packed day!

We tried to make sure we had a different color wave in each unit (4 individual squares to make a block). That got a little tedious after a bit because some of the squares could only be turned one direction, where some of them could go whichever direction.

After cutting all of those small green squares I thought we’d have plenty left over in case we goofed something up. However, we ended up using ALL of the green squares and almost didn’t have enough individual charm squares to complete the quilt top! We weren’t able to sew the quilt top together, but all of the blocks are done and ready to be arranged and quilted! I’m so excited to see this quilt coming together!

Work in Progress Party!

A week from today I’ll be meeting up with my Aunt Linda for a WIP Party! I have a quilt top I’ve been wanting to complete and this is a great way to get it done. Sadly, the only blocks done right now are the ones done by my quilting bee friends. I’ve let other things get in the way…but that will all be taken care of Friday!!

Road to Tennessee – Mary Lane Brown