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Muddy Trails 10K 2013, The Woodlands, TX.

Happy five years of Muddy Trailing it! This was my first race (2008) I ever participated in (5K) and I can honestly say one of the more challenging races. Mike has been doing the 10K while I do the 5K (2009, 2010, 2012). This year I decided I was going to do the 10K because I had yet to do an actual 10K race. I have done plenty of 5Ks, a 5 miler, a 10 miler, a couple of 1/2 marathons, and a marathon relay but no 10K!

I decided this year that I didn’t want to carry my phone/camera with me so I only have a shot of Mike and I at the end of the race. Sorry guys! Last year they had an issue with the shuttles that were supposedly fixed this year, however we saw a lot of people walking again and the line for the shuttle was long so Mike and I walked from the parking area to the race site (1.5 miles). We got there just as the kids were finishing their fun run and the 5K race was going to start. Thankfully, I had time to cool off a little bit in the shade before starting the run.

At 4:05 they put us all in the corrals so we’d be ready to go at 4:15. However, someone in the 5K group took a wrong turn, which means a lot of lemmings took it too, so we were postponed until about 4:30 so the 5Kers could clear out. Finally, the buzzer sounded and we were off. I had two ladies behind me from the beginning and passed a woman on the first loop. Since it had been raining this week the dust wasn’t as bad as it typically is; However, the ground was quite soft in some areas. The last time I had run was about a week before the race and boy could I feel it.

I felt like I was running the race on my own for most of the time since I couldn’t see anyone in front of me nor the people behind me. I would see the other racers when we were on an out and back portion because they were coming back while I was still going out! I ran into two of my running buddies from my group this last fall. That was pretty cool! I was hoping I would NOT see Mike here because if I did that meant I had a looonnnng way to go still. Mike is about twice as fast as I am. I also happened to see the woman I passed at the beginning of the race. I know she didn’t pass me again, so apparently she decided to take a short cut. Oh well, her loss.

My legs were so heavy on this run and the sand/roots were not my friend. I almost face planted a couple of times but thankfully I recovered and no one was there to see it! No witnesses means it didn’t happen…except I’ve already told y’all! Usually Mike comes back to find me and finish the race with me when he’s done but I was getting close to the end and had yet to see him.

I finally got to the paved portion which meant a little over a quarter mile and I was finished! There was Mike, walking toward me. He had apparently gone back to find me but the woman at the aid station said there were only 2 people left in the race and my bib number wasn’t one of them. Not sure who he talked to or when, but I was still there…pushing along!

As I came up on the finish line a lot of the people eating crawfish were cheering me on, which was nice but at the same time I have this voice in the back of my head saying “awww…let’s cheer on the slow poke, she definitely needs it”. Donna and Patty (my running buddies) were there to high five me on my way in too. All in all, for being tired and ready to stop I was actually in a pretty good mood at the end! It took me 1:41: 52, which was a 16:26 minute mile but that’s ok. I was doing a lot of ups and downs on the trail. Just for comparison, I finished my marathon relay portion in 1:28 (6.25 miles) which was roughly the same distance but was flat!

I plopped down on the grass for a little bit just to catch my breath then decided it was time to go. We couldn’t find where the shuttle was picking people up from and I really didn’t want to stop for too long otherwise I’d get stiff so Mike and I walked back to our car (another 1.5 miles!). By the end of the day I’d gone 9 miles!


We went to Panera Bread where I treated myself with a grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, and a fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie! I don’t know if I’ll do this race again next year since my friend Amy wants me to do the Hero run and I don’t know if it will be the same day again…but we’ll see!

One thing that stands out to me, this is my 5th year of races! That is awesome! I would NEVER have thought I’d run races let alone doing them consistently for 5 years. I feel like a badass!

Muddy Trails 5K 2012

This was Mike and my fourth time to participate in the Muddy Trails Bash (2010, 2009, 2008). The high was only supposed to be 82 degrees but it was 85-86 degrees. HOT by all accounts. Since the race has gotten quite big, they had everyone park at a church where we were supposed to be shuttled to the race site. However, when we got there it was apparent something didn’t work out as they had planned. The line for the shuttle went back quite a while so Mike and I decided to just walk to the race site. Off we went…

It was about a mile walk to the site. I’ve always enjoyed this area because it’s full of trees and trails. They had a new sign this year.

I thought I’d have time to cool down a bit before the race but when I got there they were already lining up for the 5K. I ran in to my old running coach, Liz, and talked with her for a bit until I saw they were getting ready to go.

The fact that I was rushed to get in the start line was both good and bad. It was good because it didn’t allow me to have enough time to get too nervous about it however, I also didn’t have time to cool down from the walk.

I didn’t take but one picture during the race because I was having some issues. I started off just fine. The first 1/2 mile was tough to run because it was a bit crowded but I made it through ok. Since we’d had rain this past week, I thought the trails would be somewhat muddy. Unfortunately, they were just extremely dusty. I wasn’t anticipating so much dust. This made my breathing pretty difficult.

My goal was to run the entire 5K. I didn’t make it. I only ran about 2 miles of it and walked the rest.  All of the dust made my mouth dry and my breathing hard. It was so hot during the run, but every once in a while I got the chills. I’m pretty sure that having the chills when it’s almost 90 degrees and while running is not normal! During the course of the run I had 6 people stop and ask me if I was ok. I told them I was allergic to dust (which I am) rather than explain the real problem. They were all very kind and one lady even offered me a puff of her inhaler if I needed it!

Since the last time I’d been on the trails they added some elevated cabins and a cool looking rope tower.

Once I made it out of the woods there was about 1/2 a mile left on the road. I ran most of this. When I got to the finish line they announced my name as I crossed which was different from what I was use to! Plus, they handed out medals to all participants. Liz was there cheering me on and Mike after I was finished.

My unofficial finish time was 46:27, which is quite a bit less than my original PR of 50:04! I also have to say, the smell of crawfish makes me want to gag when I smell it at the end of the race, but it is the main reason most people show up!

I crammed some ice down my bra and cooled off while I waited for Mike to finish up. His unofficial finish time was around 50 minutes for the 10K.

If we wanted to, we could have stayed around and listened to the band while munching on crawfish.

We decided to walk back to our car instead of hanging around. Neither one of us had eaten much and we were both ready to go get some dinner. As we were leaving they started the 5K-9 race. I think Ruby would have done well on that race!

And…since we had some time, I decided to pose for one last picture!

While I was not happy with my performance, I was happy with the fact that Mike and I participated. I’m not sure if I’ll do this race again until I have my tracheal stenosis cured (thanks to the dust and breathing issues). Mike seems to enjoy it though so we’ll re-evaluate again next year.


My official time was 45:32 with a pace of 14:41/M (494 out of 555). Mike’s was 51:47 with a pace of 8:21/M (10K).

Muddy Trails 5K 2010

Today was the day! This was Mike and my third time to participate in the Muddy Trails Race. I kept with the 5K but Mike did the 10K. This year there were about 2000 participants. Every year more and more join, which is good! When you first walk up to the pavilion there were a ton of tents set up with different vendors. The bluebonnets were beautiful!



It is a beautiful area but the temperature was up to 90-91 degrees…a little too hot for my taste! I was already dewy before the race started!



My cousin Kelly and her husband Mark were there as well.



My friend, Michelle, was there as well. She came with her hubby Jesse. Jesse was there for moral support…I decided about 1/2 way through the race that I should have seen if he would hold my camera for me too!



The 10Kers started 10 minutes before the 5K did.



I usually make sure I’m at the end of the group when it’s time to start because I get passed up anyway…so I may as well save them the trouble and keep me from starting to fast.



The first quarter mile was on the road heading right into the sun. It was brutal. But these little guys cheered it up a little!



I passed a few people on my trail. I walked the whole thing, except for the end. I ran the last little bit, which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do. In fact, I think I was “running” slower than my walking pace! Coach Liz met up with me at the last turn and finished it with me. The 10K route weaved in and out of the 5k trail so we were passed by many of the 10Kers. When Mike ran by (around mile 2) he smacked my butt. The guy running behind him found that quite funny. It was good to see him! He finished his 10K about 10 minutes before I finished my 5K. Mike’s official time was 54:12. The 10K group started 10 minutes before the 5K.


It was called the Muddy Trails race, but it was all sand. Dusty Trails would have been more like it. There was a tall hill that was torture because it was about 3-4 inches of loose sand to trudge through. It was definitely harder than the pavement I’ve been training on! I was glad to be done. I finished about 55 minutes (Official time was 54:40). I was wanting to finish in 50, but that’s ok. I have another 5K in 3 weeks where I hope to increase my time. I was having some breathing issues (the sand was hanging in the air) and I think I used all I had in that race. I was about ready to pass out and call it a day at the end! The entire last mile I kept thinking “Why do people do this? Are they really enjoying themselves?” So, I guess I have a ways to go yet before I’m an athlete! hahaha


Mike and I got home and he gave me my reward!



Mmmmm….Ben and Jerry’s! This small carton had 200 calories…yikes. Imagine how much a pint would have! Yes, I would have finished the whole pint if I had one so Mike did well in getting the small one. It was the perfect size for getting that sweet taste!


All in all, it was a good day!

Tuesday update and Wednesday Weigh-In

Tuesday I really didn’t feel like working out. But, I drug my butt to the gym and made myself do it. However, I didn’t do as well as I could have. I had started running a little bit and got some pain in my left leg, so I slowed down but I slowed down too much. I should have kept up some speed. My leg wasn’t hurting that bad. At least I made myself do it though. I only went 1.7 miles in 32 minutes.

I weighed in today and lost another pound. So, I lost the pound I gained last week! That’s a good thing…now, I just need to get my eating back on track and push my workouts more so I can get below 200. Tomorrow is Fit Club again. I’m going to try out Chi running…or at least what I have gathered it is by the videos and blogs. Basically, it’s a way of running where you don’t land on your heel (no heel strike) which is supposed to be easier on your knees and shins. So, I’ll see if it helps with my shin splints. If that’s even what I’m feeling. It’s only in my left leg too, which is very odd to me. Then again, most women have one breast that’s bigger than the other so maybe I have one leg that’s weaker than the other!

Someone drove into our ditch yesterday at some point. They’re lucky most of the water has gone down. We live right at a 90 degree turn, and I think people just get to talking on the phone or doing something and forget to turn! It has been averaging one car every year and a half. The one before this ran over two baby pine trees that were planted when we moved in. They’re both dead now…jerks. Our ditch is so deep though that no one is going in there without some sort of damage to their vehicle. We have a license plate from the first car that drove into it after we moved in. It must have been bad because there were firetrucks and ambulances leaving when I got home that night.

30 days until the Muddy Trails 5K!!! I still have some time to figure out this shin splint thing so I can run it some this year instead of walking it all. I won’t be upset if I have to walk though as long as I finish it!

Muddy Trails 2009

At 4:00 PM on April 4, 2009 I was prepared to take on the challenge of the Muddy Trails race again. I knew how bad the last one turned out so I decided I wasn’t going to push myself too hard and walk it at a steady pace. This year a friend from work joined us with her hubby. Michelle and Jesse got there just as the race was about to start. I got to say “hi” and “good luck” then we were off!


They had changed the course from the year before. The trail was drier, as we hadn’t had too much rain. To my relief, they had cut the big hill from the course as well. My goals this time were 1) to finish faster than last year and 2) not to be last. Several people passed me as the race went on, but I was able to keep up a pretty good pace. Mike came back again this year and found me a little before the 3 mile marker. He was impressed at how far I was this time. Thankfully, the smell of the crawfish wasn’t overpowering this year. Maybe they didn’t even have it, but I didn’t smell it so I was happy!


I completed the race with a chip time of 51 minutes and 52 seconds, which was 6 1/2 minutes faster than last year! I was also number 293 out of 298 participants. I WASN’T LAST!! I even improved my pace to 16:44/M.



I even passed a lady at the very end!



Mike finished this year’s race in 22 minutes and 14 seconds, which was a 1.75 minute improvement from last year. He also finished 43rd out of 298. His pace increased to 7:10/M. I’m very proud of him!



He was throwing up gang symbols as he crossed the finished line…that’s my Hubby!


Next year the race is on April 3rd. Mike and I are signing up again. I believe Michelle is, but I’m not sure about Jesse. My cousin Kelly is also going to join us. That happens to be her birthday, so I hope she does well!