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One Little Word, Again!

It’s a new year and that means I need a new word. Last year I chose “Revivify” as my watchword.

to restore to life; give new life to; revive; reanimate. This rut I’m in needs to be filled in and a new path taken.

I didn’t have a huge overhaul this past year, but I do believe I lived up to my word. I’ve done several races in the past couple of years, but I was getting bored with it and about ready to stop all together when a friend suggested we try an obstacle race. This is wayyyy outside of my comfort zone, so I said yes! What better way to get out of my rut than to try new things to challenge myself!

In fact, I did several races that were a little different for me. First was the 5K Foam Fest, then the Color Me Rad 5K, and last I signed up for a Zombie run (that’s actually this June). Unfortunately, exercise was about the only thing in my life that I changed. I started doing my own weight workouts and I joined a running group. I completed the Muddy Trails 5K even though I said I wasn’t going to do it again. Then, I completed two new races: Run Thru the Woods 5 Miler at Thanksgiving and the Texas 1/2 Marathon on New Year’s Day! I was going to do the 10 for Texas with Mike, but it was right after my throat surgery and I had to give my admission to someone else.

On the health front, I joined MyFitnessPal and met some wonderful people. One of which was the impetus for me trying the different races than I was used to! Hi Amy! I also joined Move More, Eat Well and learned a bit about health and digital scrapbooking. Again, I met some lovely people in this group!

I do feel that I’ve grown spiritually in the past year as well. I’m also more open to trying new things/adventures than I would have been any other time! This year I did my best to try and view things from other people’s perspectives and give back where I could.

All in all, 2012 was a pretty good year (despite having lost two beloved uncles and a scare with my Grandma). Now, however, I’m back to needing a word for 2013 and I’m having a hard time figuring out what it should be. I have some big changes coming up this year that could throw me off my game. With that in mind, I believe I want 2013 to be my year of balance. 2010 was my year of “Transformation“, 2011 I was “Shine“ing, and in 2012 I wanted revivification. See a pattern here?!

I need to balance being healthy with enjoying life. It’s not all or nothing. If I eat poorly at one meal, one day, one week, or even one month I’m not going to give up but I’m going to slowly steer this ship back in the right direction and keep on chugging on. Time at work needs to be balanced more fully with quality time with Mike and my family. Yes, “Balance” will do nicely!

Stack of Stones

What’s the Word?

It’s the start of a new year…already. I can’t believe 2011 went by so quickly. Back in 2009 I found “One Little Word” and began what has become a tradition for the past two years. In 2010 my word was Transformation and 2011 brought Shine.


Did I shine in 2011? Yes and no. First of all, my definition of shine was:

I want to be happier, become an athlete, and mold myself into the person I want to be…a person who can help brighten someone’s day when dark clouds are hanging overhead.


I think I’m a bit happier this year than I was last year, for the most part. As far as becoming an athlete…I’m pretty comfortable saying I am. I completed 2 1/2 marathons, the unofficial 7 Year Itch and the official Angie’s 1/2 Crazy 1/2 Marathon, a 10 mile race, 10 for Texas, and a new 5K, Bill Crews’s Remission Run. I also stuck with CrossFit for the entire year! Where I fell short was becoming the person I wanted to be. I’m not someone who can brighten someone’s day. I still see my own storm clouds and sometimes have a hard time looking past them. However, I’m still working on it! I will forever be a work in progress!

So, the natural question is what is this year’s word? I have to say this was a bit challenging for me. I thought about “Patience” but that’s just one area I want to work on. Then I thought about “Push” because I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and try new things, but it really didn’t speak to me.

I’ve decided on “Revivify” – to restore to life; give new life to; revive; reanimate. This rut I’m in needs to be filled in and a new path taken. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2012 holds.

source: thebridgemaker.com


A New Word for a New Year

In 2009, I came across Ali Edwards “One Little Word” post and chose my word for 2010 to be Transformation. After getting feedback from everyone participating in 2010 she created this great word list. This year Ali’s word is “light, which is very similar to what I decided to choose!

Let’s recap a little bit first. Last year my watch word was supposed to be Transformation. Did I live up to that choice? Honestly, I don’t think I did it justice until about a month or two ago. Of course, 2010 found me signing up for a running club where I met some wonderful people and increased my speed enough for a PR in the 5K race! I participated in a new 5K race, Rise & Shine, and in two races I’ve done for the past two years; The Pear Run and Muddy Trails. Last, and my biggest transformation moments, I signed up for CrossFit (even though I didn’t want to) and I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon coming in March of 2011. Aaaannddd….I will be signing up for a Marathon to be run in 2012. WHO IS THIS LADY??! If you would have told me I would do all of this a couple of years ago I would have snorted coke out of my nose and laughed while I tried to choke down my pizza. While I gave up coke in April 2009, I was able to go the entire year of 2010 without having 1!! So, yes, now that I come to think of it. I do believe I’ve lived up to my watch word…my One Little Word.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering what my word for 2011 is. It’s Shine. I want 2011 to a be a year where I let my light shine through. What does that mean exactly? It’s quite simple…I want to be happier, become an athlete, and mold myself into the person I want to be…a person who can help brighten someone’s day when dark clouds are hanging overhead.

What about you? What word would you choose?

One Little Word

I popped onto my Google reader this morning to check out my bazillion blogs I look through and saw a posting by Calli on her blog “Make it Do“. Ali Edwards was her inspiration last year to get her “doing” going, if that makes any sense!

After reading both of the blogs above, I sat down and thought about it. What word would be my word for this year? I’ve always had what my husband calls my “watch word”, which is persevere. This is as true today as it was yesterday. However, it was more fitting for my time in school when I was just trying to get through the whole thesis writing obstacle course for my masters degree. There were many times I was ready to throw in the towel and quit. I’m not a quitter by nature. (Which is obvious in how loyal I’ve been to my chocolate! hahaha…gotta love diets.) I am normally able to set a goal and stick with it through the end. My masters degree was proving to be an extreme mental challenge and the obstacles I faced almost did me in. But, I persevered. My husband reminded me over and over of my watch word, and I truly believe that helped. So, in a way my husband chose my word for those two 1/2 years.

This year, I need to a new “watch word” to reflect the person I want to become in 2010. So, here it is: Transformation.

Not only do I want to transform my attitude (which has been kinda crappy lately) but I am on a track to transform my lifestyle. I’m starting to make healthier choices for food and spirit. In the process, I will be transforming from an ok quilter to a better quilter (or so I hope!).

Thank you for stopping by! I hope as the year 2010 goes on you will start to notice the changes I’m making in myself!