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Hello? Anybody Home?

Ok, so I’ve been out of pocket for a while. I had to fly up to Philly for a week to train some people in our office up there. Needless to say, I didn’t eat well and I didn’t exercise. Nope…not once. My husband went with me, so on Monday we were able to walk around downtown and enjoy the sites a bit, but once the boss and everyone got up there we all went to dinner and didn’t get back until late.

I weighed myself on Saturday and I weighed in at 218.1, which is exactly what I weighed last Friday. So, yes, I had to pay Michelle last Friday but not this week. I was flabbergasted that I hadn’t gained anything but NOT upset! I also didn’t count any calories, so I’m not really able to update my bodybugg and get an accurate reading. I will do my best to get it up to date.

I’m back at work this week and am able to get to the gym without any problems (hopefully). We’re watching my brother-in-law’s dog for the next two weeks. All 150 lbs of St. Bernard! Did I mention I’m allergic to dogs?! One of my pups seems to enjoy having her around, even though Kelly won’t play with Ruby. However, Ellie wants nothing to do with the behemoth!

Here’s hoping your week goes well!


I was doing some memory tracing looking at previous posts and came across my weigh in on 2/15. I was at 218.6 and that’s almost what I weighed last Friday. So, what does that say? It says I’ve been a lazy ass!! I should be down to at least 180 by now. I don’t think 10 lbs a month is too much to ask for. But, like Michelle says “can’t look back, only forward.” There’s no sense in it except to give myself a kick in the tush.

Michelle and I have an agreement, to which I’ve already lost $20. Tomorrow is another weigh in day and I have a feeling I’m going to lose another $20. We were originally going to do this for the month of July, but now we’ve agreed to do this through the end of the year. YIKES!

I’m seriously lacking motivation…I’m just….done. I don’t want to worry about calories or what I eat or working out or…or…or. Alas, I have two choices. 1) Choose to be healthy and put the work in or 2) choose to be unhealthy and pay the consequences. I read a statement somewhere that said “Being fat is hard, losing weight is hard, choose your hard.” With that in mind, I’ve been chosing the fat hard. Don’t know why. I also know that you shouldn’t wait for motivation to hit before you do anything…you should just do it and the motivation will come.

I’m still exercising, but not 5 days a week like I should. I’m still somewhat watching my calories, but not eating the number I’m supposed to. In other words, I’ve been lazy. I will turn it around. It’ll take time…but it will be done.


I wasn’t feeling it on Monday. I didn’t want to go workout. I would have rather gone home and read. However, I drug my tush to the gym and got in a workout. It was a horrible workout though. My shins started bothering me as I was getting into it, so I slowed down a bit. I got some running in, but not as much as I would have liked. I stopped at 30 minutes, which was the minimum I was going to do.

Then today, I didn’t go workout. I’m just not feeling it much. I will give it more on Thursday. I just needed a little bit of rest.

I promised pictures of the Garmin FR60. This is the lady’s version, which is only different from the men’s version by the strap. My arm looks quite hairy here…it’s really not that bad!

The watch isn’t too bad. It’s actually quite comfortable when you’re wearing it.

The little set of eyes in the background is my dog trying to figure out what I’m doing!

Fit Day #1

Today was the first Saturday with the Woodlands’ Fit. We all met at the store at 7 AM to chat a little bit (no class today) before starting our run.

 We walked over to the waterway and that’s where they broke us up into groups. I was put in Group A for the 5K, which is the slowest group! We ran 1 minute and walked 2. We did this 7 times, which turned out to be 2 miles. Then we did 20 minutes of Yoga and strength training. Thankfully I wasn’t last to cross the finish line! I will say it kicked my butt. The yoga afterward was the hardest part. Normally after I do my exercises I don’t want to do anything but crash. I had a horrible handache after the run so the downward dog was tough on my head. Mike picked me up afterward and I was ready to take a nap!

I woke up at 6 this morning to make it there on time. I much rathered stay in bed and sleep a couple more hours. My face must have said enough because Liz (our coach and the lady in pink above) gave me a hug and said “It’ll be ok! It’ll be fun!” Well, it wasn’t fun but it was ok. I was able to do all of the runs although they were tough toward the end. Then Jerry, our assistant coach, asked me how it went. I was by far the largest one there, but I thought I did a decent job all things considered. Next week I’m hoping will go a little better!

I met a friend for dinner, but before I made a stop at Walgreens to pick up a prescription. Unfortunately they had Cadbury Eggs….sigh…I bought AND ate two of them.

Then I met Michelle at Chuy’s for dinner. We had chicken fajita’s and I had 3 margaritas. They were good but full of calories. Interestingly, my feet felt swollen as we were leaving the table. It was obvious my body wasn’t use to all of the salt and whatever else. So, I’m going to drink as much water and possible and make better choices tomorrow.

I hope y’all had a better Saturday! Tomorrow’s the Super Bowl.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Ooops, I missed my post yesterday. Good news is, my calories have been spot on the past two days. The bad news is, my “eat clean” lifestyle is struggling a bit. I ate a BBQ sausage sandwich for lunch yesterday. White flour – bad, sausage – bad, BBQ sauce – bad…but I was within my calories. So, I’m not going to feel bad about it. I knew I was going to try to do the eat clean lifestyle slowly, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m not eating nearly the amount of processed food I have in the past. I haven’t binged and eaten a whole cake. So, all in all, I’m happy with how I’ve done.

Sunday is my hubby and my anniversary. 6 years! Woohoo! We’re going to Goose’s Acre for lunch/dinner, then catching a movie, and stopping by the wine bar for a glass of wine. So, I know my calories are going to be poor…but I’m ok with that!