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Iphone/Ipod Holder

I always listen to my iphone/ipod when I go to the gym and normally it’s not an issue because I can sit in the drink holder on the treadmill. My new exercise regimen requires cross training two days out of the week so I’ve decided to use the rowing machine. May as well get some work on those shoulders too! Unfortunately, there is no where to put my phone when rowing! Since you’re body is constantly moving back and forth you can’t sit the phone on the floor without getting tangled up in the ear phones. I thought about putting it in the top of my sports bra, or foxy pocket as my husband calls it, but it was getting quite nasty there.

Obviously something had to be done. I have to listen to my audiobooks while exercising or I start focusing on the time too much. Dun dun dadun!!! SuperIphone/Ipod holder to the rescue!

I made this without a pattern as I didn’t think it would be too difficult. First thing’s first…gotta cut the fabric:

Two 4″ x 12.5″ pieces (lining and outer fabric)
One 4″ x 12.5″ piece of batting to protect the phone against sweat (sorry…)
One 2″ x 37″ piece for the strap (I cut 2 pieces to make that length)
One 2″ x 37″ piece of fusible fleece to give the strap some strength

I started by sewing the length of the strap right sides together. After sewing, I measured the actual length I felt would be comfortable for me. Then I cut the strap down. No sense in having to turn more fabric than necessary!

I turned the strap right side out and pressed the seam to the middle of one side. So when you sew it all together the seam is hidden on the inside next to your neck.

Then I cut the lining fabric in 1/2 so I had two pieces that were 4″ x 6.25″. This will make it easier to sew the liner in and turn it right side out when done.

Sew the sides of the liner (leave the top and bottom open) and the sides of the outer fabric with batting. Make sure the right sides of both fabrics are together. For the outer fabric the batting will be facing you.

Turn the outer fabric right side out but leave the liner wrong side out.

Now, stuff the outer fabric into the lining sleeve like putting a sock on. Line up the top of the fabrics together.

This is where you’re going to snake the strap up between the lining and outer fabric. Make sure you have the seam facing the outer seam. This will insure when you turn it right side out the strap seam will be against your neck and hidden. Make sure you use lots o’ pins as there are lots of layers and not a lot of room to work with.

The tough part is shoving this whole thing under the sewing machine foot! The walking foot is important if you’re going to have all of the layers that I did. I made sure to back stitch at the beginning, over the straps, and at the end.

When you’re done sewing the top together, it looks something like this!

Flip the lining up and over so it looks like this:

Stitch together to opening at the bottom of the lining, however you prefer. I machine stitched it closed and pressed the whole thing. Once that’s done, shove the lining down into the outer fabric and you’re done!

My iphone fit perfectly without a fear of it falling out.

Excuse the extra threads! I think the strap may have been better if it was cut 2.5″ instead of 2″. However, I’m pleased with how it turned out! Tomorrow will be my first day to put it to work!

Keep The Change!

I had completed my wallet a little while back, but at the time I didn’t have a coin purse for my change. The wallet was custom made for me with multiple card slots and I love it! I was able to carve out an hour today to try to put together a coin purse to go with it. It has been a bit of a pain not having somewhere to put my change. I measured the size based on it fitting inside the existing side pocket of my wallet. The zipper is only 5 inches, and now looking back I wish I would have gotten one a little longer.

I cut out my fabric (outer fabric and lining) and some fusible fleece (I wanted some added support).


I put together the pieces (right side together) with the zipper and sewed together the fabric to both sides of the zipper.



Once both sides of the zipper have had the outer and lining fabrics sewn on, it’s time to sew the fabric together all around. First, it’s important to make sure that your zipper is open! Otherwise you will have a tough time getting it turned right side out!


Sew a 1/4″ all the way around except for 2-3 inches on the bottom of the lining side. This whole is so you can turn the whole thing. Once you turn it, you’ll then either hand sew or machine turn the hole on the bottom.


Stuff your lining into the outer fabric to make your pouch!




Some of the things I will change when I make my new and improved pouch is leaving out one of the fusible fleece pieces (two pieces was too thick) and get a longer, smaller toothed zipper. I think the zipper was a bit too big for this size pouch. But, all in all I’m happy with it!

Just Wingin’ It!

I have been wanting to make a wallet for quite a while now I just hadn’t had the time to sit down and do it. This past Sunday I woke up early and decided to spend part of the day working on that goal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere in my sewing room. I looked everywhere and the only thing I can decide is the sewing elves are using it at the time being. I’m sure they’ll replace it when they’re done!

However, I decided NOT to let something as menial as a pattern keep me from making my wallet! So, I decided to wing it.

Get it?! Wing it?…oookkaay..moving on! I fell in love with this fabric and thought it was be fun to use. I used fusible fleece for this project and just stitched together the front and inside fabrics.

My main request was for multiple credit card slots. I have several cards (borders rewards, petsmart, etc) and like to have them with me just in case I happen to stop by one of the places on a whim! This was a little difficult for me to get right…well…I didn’t get it right, but it works just as well! I started by folding and pressing the fabric, then testing it out to see if it held my cards right.

Once I was happy with it, I straight stitched along the edges for durability and I also stitched the back part (bottom of the folds) down to another layer of fusible fleece.

I then measured the right width needed for each card and divided my material so it would hold 6 cards.

So far so good! The only change I would make at this point would be to put some sort of stabilizer behind the card fabric. I think it could have used a little more substance. Ok, on to the other side!

It was time to sew and press the binding and I was almost done!

The layers got a little thick for my sewing machine when I tried to machine stitch the binding instead of hand finishing it. However, I got it done! Next time though, I will hand stitch the binding on. By the way, I love the binding material with the birds!

The only thing I’m missing is a place for my change. I am going to make a small coin purse that will fit in the space behind the cards on the right hand side (opposite of my dollar bills!). It isn’t perfect, but I think it’s darn cute! What do you think?

March OPAM done!

Yes, I pushed it to the very last minute but I finished my project for March. I decided to try to make a book cover. I don’t think it turned out too bad!



I followed the pattern for the journal covers on Moda’s Bake Shop that was pointed out to me by @eileensideways. Thanks! The finished product was a little big for the book I had here, but I think it’ll work just fine on thicker books.



First, I had to figure out the materials to use. I didn’t want to use my jelly rolls, so I fished these three fat quarters out of my stash:




I love all of these fabrics and figured they’d play nicely together! I liked the green checked pattern next to the stripe, so I decided to use the green check for the spine and inside flaps of the cover. I had a little bit of a time figuring out where to cut the fabrics just right so when I folded them they’d be in the right place.




I decided to do straight line quilting (with green variegated thread) as the fabric already had quite a bit going on. However, I think I may have over quilted a bit since the final product was a little stretched. I had to square it up again afterward.


Here’s the outside:




And…are you ready for it?! The inside!:




I had a great time putting this together and was thrilled it turned out as well as it had. I have enough fabric to make a second one, which I will. I just ran out of time last night and decided I should probably get sleep in at some point! Even my girls were asking when I was coming to bed!




I hope you all have a Happy Easter and a great April!


February OPAM completed!

I haven’t had much time this month to work on my quilts and I didn’t have my February OPAM done yet, so I figured now was the perfect time to work on a small project I’ve been wanting to try. The question was, which project?! I saw this cute purse on the Moda Bake Shop and figured I’d give it a try!

I decided to use the Sonnet Charm pack, with green and cream as one color way and brown and teal as the other:

I had some peltex, and figured I’d use that instead of batting to make it a little stiffer. That was a mistake. It was quite difficult to maneuver the bag with it being as stiff as it was. If I make this bag again, I’ll use batting.

Here I have the two color ways sewn together:

Once I finally got the pieces to fit together as close as possible, I sewed the two color ways together:

Add some handles and we have a completed purse!

It looks much better in the picture than it does in person! Oh, and don’t flip it inside out, even though it’s reversible, because the brown and teal bottom did not sew together well!

Happy February!!