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Pear Run 5K 2010

Another Pear Run has come and gone. Mike and I drug our butts out of bed at 4:45 and made it to Independence Park by 6:30. There were quite a few people there, but it is still a rather small race compared to some of the others I’ve been to. I kinda like the smaller races because they don’t feel as intimidating, but I like the bigger ones because you meld into the crowd. My nerves weren’t nearly as bad this time as they were at the Rise & Shine 5K. I think I was just too tired to care much! Of course they had medals for top finishers. Aren’t they cute?



They also had door prizes, but I forgot to stick around to see if my bib number was drawn. We lined up on the road for the National Anthem before the starting line.



The race is a fundraiser for the Pearland Police department so there were several cops on bikes making sure that the runners were well protected from cars (the race took place in a subdivision). Instead of a horn or a gun, the race was started by police car sirens. And we were off!



I did the walk/run intervals for the entire run. Even though it didn’t really increase my speed, it didn’t slow me down much either. I often joke with Mike that my running pace is slower than my walk. Well, it’s not much of a joke because it’s not too far from the truth. I’m a sloooow runner. But, I figure the more I do it the faster I’ll get. This year I finished my 5K in 50:04, last year I signed up for the 5K walk which they didn’t time so I’m not sure what the difference is. Mike ran the 10K this year and finished in 47:00. Talk about impressive! He passed me right before the finish line.



It wasn’t a mutt strutt, but there were one or two dogs getting in on the action!



We waited at the finish line for our friend Michelle to finish her 10K, which was a PR for her! She still had a smile on her face, which is staying something!



While I was waiting, I saw an example of how Michelle can decorate her “beast”!



What do you think Michelle?!


All in all, I was very please with how well the race was organized and the outcome of our performance. I’m not sure if I’ll do the Pear Run again next year since it’s so far away, but more than likely I will. Maybe next year I can do the 10K!

I’m a Racing Fool!

Only 2 more days until the Rise & Shine 5K! This is our “graduation” if you will from the Spring Woodlands Fit Club. We’ve spent 12 weeks meeting every thursday evening and Saturday morning to go workout. It’s been great meeting all of the new people. I haven’t progressed to running much, but I have increased my walking speed and endurance. This 5K will be a street run, so it should be a bit easier than the sand and dust at the Muddy Trails race a few weeks ago. I just have to remind myself to take it easy and enjoy it…don’t try to push too hard.

I also signed up for the Pearland Pear Run 5K on May 8th. So, that means I’ve been averaging a 5K about every couple of weeks lately! The Pear Run will probably be my last race until it starts to cool down again at the end of September or beginning of October. The Pear Run will be my 6th race I’ve competed in. That’s exciting to think about. I’ve come a long way, baby. Of course, I have a long way to go too!

The Pear Run 5K 2009


Michelle talked me into signing up for the Pear Run this year. The run was on May 9th, Father’s Day, at 7 AM. Since my Dad was in North Carolina, I didn’t have many plans for that day, so I figured “why not?”. Thankfully, Mike came with me. I’m not very familiar with Pearland, so I was glad he was driving. Just as with any other race, I was getting quite nervous as everyone was lining up. The course started at Independence Park and wound through a subdivision. I didn’t have a chip this time because I signed up as a walker instead of a runner.


The shirts were really cute! I love the little running pear.



This was me as we started off the walk. I was feeling really good and enjoyed watching the different runners cross the streets ahead of me. There were several people standing outside of their houses. Some cheered us on, most looked at us like we were crazy. Nothing quite like running in a subdivision for gawking eyes!



Me at the end of the run. Mike’s shirt is darker because he was sweating up a storm! I don’t remember my exact time. I wish I would have written it down somewhere. But, I think I finished around 50 minutes.



Such a handsome and ticked off man! He hates having his photos taken and it looks like this photographer was right at his face. Mike finished at 21 minutes and 45 seconds. He consistant with his times!


I have pictures of Michelle and Jesse from this race, but I won’t post them because I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want me to! But, I will post their times. Michelle finished in 32:08 and Jesse finished in 36:53. Good job guys!