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Slow and Steady?

Started the evening off practicing Pistols. Yeah…I’m not very good at this! That’s me in the back with the blue shirt and black pants. My knees start to bother me when I put too much weight on one. Lunges hurt for the same reason. Plus, I’m a bit of a clutz!

Photo by Shane

The WOD…oh the WOD. Have I mentioned how much I hate burpees? Yes, yes I have.
Push Press (65#, dropped to 45#)
Abmat Sit Ups
So, the WOD started off with my beloved burpees. I did ok up until about #10-12, then I started stepping back instead of jumping. The last round found me getting on my knees to get back up on the last few. It just takes everything out of me when we do a ton of burpees. I lost count on round two so I did extra just to make sure I hit 15.
I started the push press at 65#. The prescribed weight was 75#. It was quite heavy for me but I wanted to be able to do the 65# for the entire workout. The first round ate up a lot of time because I’d have to do 3-4 and put the bar down, regroup, and start again. By the time I got into #4 on my second round I was already being lapped by the others. So, I took the weight off and finished with just the bar. I’m pretty sure I could have finished with the 65# but I would have been wayyyy slower than everyone else. As it was, they were all finishing their WOD as I was finishing my second round. I finished in 16:16. ehhh. Not great…but oh well. Eventually, I’ll build up my upper body strength and be able to push through some of these workouts.

Photo by Shane. I need to get my butt lower.


Photo by Shane. I look a little crooked!

The Abmat sit ups provided a nice little break. I don’t find them that difficult unless we’re having to knock out 40-50 in a row. Who would have thought that I’d want to do sit ups to catch a breather while working out?! hahaha…