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Monday, Monday…Can’t Trust that Day

Today starts my months of going 3 days a week to CrossFit instead of 2. I was wanting to wait until after my 1/2 marathon. Last week I only worked out once because my feet were still quite sore…and I was being somewhat lazy!

We started with Strength of Press Jerks where I got up to 60#s. I was having a tough time with the form, but it was also my first time to do it so it’ll get better with more practice. The WOD was an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in a 15 minute time frame of 9 Deadlifts (85#), 12 Push Ups, and 15 Box Jumps (short box). It doesn’t look too bad, right? Uh uh…it was tough. I finished 4 full rounds and finished the push ups on round 5. Breathing was tough. I have no doubt that my TS is coming back full force. Now, to be completely honest, I haven’t been eating as faithfully in the Paleo arena, so maybe my inflammation is roaring. Only one way to find out!

I’m not sure what to do about my breathing. It’s one thing when your illness/disability if visible, but when it’s not then most people don’t understand why you can’t do as good as the rest of the people. Like today for instance, if I heard correctly some of the other people in the gym got at least 7 rounds or more. I had 4 and 2/3rds. In the process I’m sounding like an asthmatic; However, I can’t take an inhaler to help with my problem. I guess I’m going to need to talk to Shane to explain what’s going on. I don’t want him thinking that I’m dragging ass because I’m lazy. On the other hand, I need to try to push through it a little harder too. I start thinking about how I can’t breathe and panic a bit. If I could try to just concentrate on the workout, maybe I’d do better. As it stands now, I get incredibly embarrassed. I try not to let it get to me, but I can’t help it. Just suck it up, Cupcake!!

On the positive side, my box jumps are getting better I think! For someone who was scared to even try one and now I’m able to do 4 rounds of 15 without too much fear, it’s a marked improvement! My push ups were a bit rough. I did 3 rounds of competition style push ups, but then went to short push ups (not going all the way to the ground). I probably should have done all of them competition style, but I was also wanting to get a decent amount of rounds. The deadlifts were pretty good, except I felt my back wanting to bend as I was getting tired. I had to stop and reposition a couple of times.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better workout!