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IQF Goodies!!

Today celebrates 5 years that my Aunt Linda and I have been going to the International Quilt Festival! We had a fantastic day of shopping and looking at some marvelous artwork. I will be writing a more thorough post tomorrow, but wanted to share what I picked up today!

I really wanted to take one of the antique thread displays home with me, but they’re still running $700-$3000 and I’m still not willing to pay that much! They are gorgeous though.

I did pick up some new polka dot fabric. Have I mentioned how much I love polka dot fabric?! (deja vu) I have a vague idea of what I’m going to do with these beauties but I need to finish my other WIPs (work in progress) first.

We also saw a presentation about this foam (soft and stable) that makes your bags stand up instead of flop down on the table. This in turn makes them look more like they’re store bought instead of whipped up in the extra bedroom! I’ll give it a try first and if I like it then I’ll buy the bigger package as it’s not cheap! This package was about $14.00.

Last, I got this lovely bracelet with a Texas bell. Now, I jingle when I move! Aunt Linda got one too and we’re going to add a bell for each year we’re at the festival. We have 4 more to go to catch up to our 5 years!

All in all it was a good day! More tomorrow.

International Quilt Festival 2011

It’s one of my favorite times of the year: The International Quilt Festival. Aunt Linda and I stopped for breakfast before hand to plan our strategy for today’s fun. After a hearty filling of pumpkin pancakes and iced tea we decided we would start shopping first to let the crowds clear out from the quilts so we could get better pictures…or at least easier pictures!


Since a cold front had blown in it was a bit chilly. The crew let us wait upstairs in the George R Brown Convention Center to get out of the wind.




Once the doors were opened we headed off to do some shopping!





The usual suspects were there (Alex Anderson was there but I didn’t get her picture).


Ricky Tims


Eleanor Burns


Ami Simms


It took us about 3 hours to go through all of the booths. It was great! So…what did I get? Some fun novelty fat quarters. I have an addiction to food prints. One day they will be made into a quilt. I also got two patterns (one for the state of Montana and one for Texas) as well as a strawberry pin cushion. Last, but not least I paid a pretty penny for a bracelet made up of Colonial Waistcoat Buttons from around 1780’s. Not sure if they’re truly from then, but if they are that’s outstanding and if not…well…they’re pretty!





If there’s one thing quilters like as much as quilting, it’s eating. Need proof?



After refortifying our energy reserves we headed out to look at the quilts. These are just a few that I liked. I’ll have another post soon of more!




Check out this hamburger!







Shampoo Hairdo by Cathy Wiggins


Three Friends by Sheril Drummond


Luella’s Quilt Basket

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky enough to be sent to Los Angeles, CA for a few days to train some of our employees. While I was there I was able to fit in one quilt store. I would have liked to have seen more, but time wasn’t my friend!

One of my online quilting bee buddies told me to check out Luella’s Quilt Basket, so that’s what I did! Being from a big city I wasn’t too intimidated by the driving, but I was a little surprised at how small the parking lots were for some of the buildings! It was a good thing I didn’t hit Louella’s at their prime time or I wouldn’t have found a spot. The first thing that struck me about this store was the lovely painted quilt blocks on the outside.

The inside is big and open! The first thing you see when you walk in are different sewing/embroidery machines.

Bonnie showed me around the store then left me to my own demise devices. They had a nice selection of fabric.

and many lovely fat quarters!

Look at this adorable chair they recovered with a repurposed quilt!

They had a classroom full of ladies quilting away. They also had a nice book room where you could sit down and flip through some books available.

So, what did I pick up?! LOTS O’ GOODIES!

And last but not least…MAXINE!!! I love this lady!

When work sends me back go L.A.,  you better believe I’ll be hitting up Louella’s again and hopefully catching a few more. Thanks to Bonnie and Jackie for their help!

GRS Creations

Old Town Spring has been one of my favorite places to go on a beautiful day for walking and shopping. The atmosphere is just lovely and the old buildings are nice to see. They hold many events throughout the year for some fun and excitement.

One of my favorite places to stop by when I’m in town is the GRS Quilt Store.


As with many of the other buildings, this is an old house with a bit of character of it’s own!


As soon as you walk into the door you are bombarded with fabric. And I mean bombarded in the best way possible!


They have the largest selection of charms packets I’ve seen in a long time. They filled this bookcase as well as a counter by the front door. There were so many to choose from!


As the shop owner said, there are 8 rooms of “goodies” in her store. As soon as you step into the room on the right, you can see all the way back to three other rooms!


The selection of fabric in this store is more than I could ask for. Looking for fabric with monkeys? They got it. Looking for oriental writing? Yep, they got it too…as well as country western themes, children’s themes, batiks, flowers, animals, insects…etc…etc…etc.


That Saturday they had all of their pre-cut fat quarters for a dollar. $1!!! That’s cheaper than a bottled diet coke! They had not one shelving unit full of fat quarters, but 4 throughout the store.


Every room was loaded with bolts of heavenly goodness. One might think with all of this inventory there’s no way it can be neat and orderly, but you’d be wrong. It was very easy to see all of the bolts and to navigate around the store.



So, what goodies did I walk out with? I got 3 fat quarters:


A couple of yards of Moda’s Cherish Nature (I LOVE these eggs and bees!):


And an odd fabric by Momo for Moda called Wonderland. This fabric is outside of the type of fabric I normally buy. I just couldn’t pass it up though!:



Some of my favorite blocks in this fabric is the little aliens:


and the scissors:


If you’re in Houston to visit family or for the International Quilt Festival, I would suggest swinging by GRS Creations and checking it out! They also own the building the their right (left if you’re looking at the store) that sells premade fabric items like clothing and handbags.

Black Mountain Quilt Store

Oops…I missed my post yesterday! Oh well, we’ll make it up today then!

I try to find at least one quilt store while I’m on the road for vacation. Unfortunately, I don’t always get the chance. This time, though, I made it to one of the quilt stores I’ve been to once before. And, this time I had my camera! Introducing Marti’s Patchwork Cottage and  Quilting Supplies of Black Mountain, NC.




She has a lot of fantastic batiks and groupings of interesting novelty fabrics toward the front of the store. This is where I normally get sucked in right away!




This picture is taken from the back of the store. They have a nice selection of thread and batting, and on the other side of the shelves on the left were books and patterns. There was a long table in the middle where some lovely local ladies were working on their projects and gossiping about quilt happenings for charity. My mother sat (the lady facing me) here while I satisfied my quilt fabric craving!




Just about every fabric that I found at the shop that I liked was available as a 1/2 yard cut or a fat quarter. Look at all of those bins full of fat quarters! I spent a good thirty minutes just digging through those. I also love that cat fabric on the end…very cute!




So, what did I take home with me? I had to really limit myself because my suitcase was already full and I didn’t have much room left. However, I figured I could probably always find a place to put more fabric! I bought several architectural fat quarters. I don’t need them just yet, but they will definitely come in handy.




Then, of course I had to get my food fix. I have this thing for collecting food fabrics. I enjoy eating, so maybe that’s part of it! lol…I’ll have to make a post sharing all of my lovely food fabrics with you guys!




I hadn’t seen this fabric at any of the quilt stores around me in Texas, so I had to get a yard of it. The colors are somewhat pastel and bright at the same time. Does that make any sense?! Again, no idea what to do with it, but I like it…I like it a lot!




Then, I couldn’t go home without taking some fairies with me. Aren’t they adorable? They remind me of the Pressed Fairy Book.




I enjoyed walking around all of the stores in Black Mountain. There are places for people of all tastes! Plus, the atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful.





I’ll definitely be going back next year, if I can make it back!