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Playing Around

Last night I was going to do Heidi’s block for our bee, but I thought I had read it was a paper piecing block and I didn’t have the template. So, I decided I’d print the template out at work then do the block when I got home tonight. However…I was wrong. Sorry Heidi!!

Since I thought I had some extra time, I wanted to play around with the BSR I got back in October and have yet to use. I threw together a quick fused Lemondrop martini wall hanging using some fun olive fabric I found a while back (I need to find more of it!).

Next, I went in and just did a stitch around all of the edges to hold it in place.

So far so good at this point! Now, I’m extremely excited to get my BSR hooked up and going. First, it took me a while to figure out the correct settings. It said to minimize the pressure foot pressure but then the screen kept griping at me to put it at 47 and the book showed turning the dial down (toward the +) which made no sense to me. But, I did as the machine and book said.

OH MY GOODNESS…it was not at all what I had expected. I thought it would be relatively smooth, but the needle was jumping and speeding up with just barely a movement of the material. I really did a job on the quilting portion. As my husband said, it looked better before I quilted it! I went around all of the little olives after playing with the BSR settings. I found I did better on the BSR 2 setting instead of 1, but I still think I have something wrong. I need to go to the Bernina classes at the store where we bought the machine, but at the time all of the first classes were gone and you can’t take any other classes out of order. Anyway…I got it quilted and while it doesn’t look bad…it doesn’t look that good either!

You can click on the picture for a larger verson. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to get the binding done and have it hanging on my wall.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a BSR Newbie?!! Any advice is welcome.